Jack Herer Sativa Hybrid (Canuk)

Hey everyone,

Just got my grobo! So excited. The wife and I just set it up and started our first grow. Jack Herer Auto feminized seed from Canuk seeds.

I noticed the grow time on the description from Canuk & the recipe list show 8-10 weeks finish time but the actual recipe grow time is like 124 days. Which one is correct?

Thanks for the help!

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Make sure you choose the auto recipe. 124 days sounds correct for a photoperiod, not an auto. Happy growing!

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Both seeds shown from Canuk on grobo’s recipe list show as photoperiod. I think the grobo recipe needs to be updated.

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@J-Bird Probably best to go with a generic auto or ask grobo support for best advice


Hey @J-Bird,

Thanks for the poke, you have discovered an error in my recipe for sure, thanks! We currently do not have an Auto Jack Herer recipe so I agree with @DeeDub, generic auto is the best bet for you now.