wireless camera for grobo

looking for a wireless camera i can stick inside my grobo to see growth and record data. any recs?














Stay away from cloud based IP cameras if you want to keep your stream safe from intruders.


any rec on which ones to use? i just want to be able to keep data and look at the plant once in awhile to check up on


@jaealba I have a few expensive camera systems behind firewalls (you’d need to be on the same vlan to access or vpn to remote access), but would only recommend the amcrest IP camera (IP2M-841W) for value, cost and space. I use it to monitor a door and the clarity is fairly good for a cheapo camera system. It would be tough to mount in the grobo due to its size. Im sure you’ll get some feedback here from the community. I’ve seen at least one person (sorry I can’t remember the name) whom has a camera mounted in their grobo and it takes decent photos. The device I have in my tent is a few years old so the quality of the device is lacking with the highest resolution of 720p (not great). The cloud feature is disabled. If you’re searching the web or amazon use “mini” instead of “small” in combination with camera.

Here is a lights off shot and it can’t even read the gauges in there without zooming. Imo this camera is sh…, but for my purpose it works. I’m not using it for taking pics or anything like, only used to check gauges in the off chance my smart thermometers stop communicating

Tent camera is crap - was able to disable cloud features; but you can do better for less money

Sorry I can’t be much more help here.

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just the knowledge of what to use is more than enough. Thank you for taking the time to ex pl lain in such detail, nice to know there is community with people who are willing to help.



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