Will the grow be okay during power interuptions/ outages?

Just as the title says. What happens if the power goes out?


Hey ShaggySparx,

All is not lost if you lose power, but there are a couple things you should do.

  1. Give your plant some light during it’s regular light period. It doesn’t take much to keep the plant happy, even shining a flashlight over it for a couple minutes every couple hours is enough.

  2. Drain 1/2 of the water out of your unit. Take a cup or drain stick and bring the water level down to 1/2. This allows your roots to take up oxygen that is missing without your airpump being powered. If the power stays off for more than a day, completely drain and then refill your tank using the same reservoir water. This gives your plant a big boost of oxygen.

  3. Maintain your temperature. If it is in the middle of winter, cover your unit with a blanket. If it’s too hot, consider moving the unit to a cooler location like the basement.

Great question!




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How do we get the (door open) to do this if we have no power?.. We can’t get onto the web, and holding down on the back button (until the blue on the light changes a little different blue) isn’t there with the power off?.. :thinking:

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@SilverGrobo …fantastic question .

I have another , does this unit have to plug directly into the wall or can I buy a battery backup and plug it into that ?

I live in the country and we have at least 4-5 power outages a year … so I won’t be able to avoid it .

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Hey @Rob

Absolutely, I’ve got mine plugged into one right now. I’ve even run my UPS backup powering my Grobo which has been powered by my generator when we we had some scheduled Hydro One maintenance for 1/2 a day lol.

The other nice thing if you have power flickers the UPS protects and the Grobo doesn’t reboot and the best surge protection available not a cheapy power bar. Just get one large enough to power the grobo for the length of time out.


@ Azuri

Thanks !
I’m actually looking into a electric generator as well . We have been out of power out here before for a day and a half .

I’m also looking to find a good battery backup with the longest run time .

They would be a nightmare losing a plant 2 months in … I’m taking all precautions !

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Right back at you (fantastic question) and ty… @Azuri got both questions covered (TY Azuri)…



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