White Widow Day 9/14 of late vegetation

Day 9/14 late vegetation
31% 78 degrees fahrenheit topped today. peeked at roots all look healthy and white, bottom roots have taken a darker color under water. although they have wrapped them selves around hose lines… Plant is hanging a bit to left side after moving leafs around to trim dead or dying leaves. Bottom of stalk is a bit thinner. I pushed her up a bit too! Hope she’s okay!

How did I do on topping?


Might need a closer side view to determine. A lil blurry on my end.


I’ll take another pic tomorrow let her heal


Looks pretty good. Hard to tell as @Time2grow has stated. Looks like you might have FIM’ed her possibly but if so that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Could be a normal cut though!

At the very least, the growth tips don’t look damaged.


I think I may have dimmed the top is that okay?

White Widow: Late vegetation day 12/14
38% 73 degrees fahrenheit did a drain and fill stem is tilted but growing a lot! Should I extend vegetation?


Hmm lookin’ good… except I feel like that stem is looking a little worrisome! You might want to think about moving your pod up and try to dry it out… Is it wet down there? It kinda looks like it’s deteriorating at where it meets the pod. This can eventually weaken so much that the plant will fall over, especially if you said the plant is leaning!

Getting the pod up and raised up and dried out is the first step. I suggest using a slight twisting method from the bottom while you lightly put some upward pressure so you don’t break it free all of a sudden and shoot it up too far! This has happened to me.

Also check this out:

Another example:

And the body cast that @Stephen has referred to:

Start of damping, but recovered after pod moved up and dried out allowing more oxygen:

Again, if the pod is wet and leaves moisture on your hand after a quick touch, that’s too wet !

I could be over exaggerating only because your picture is slightly blurry. But to me, it looks like some damage. Ideally the stalk would be completely green above ground.

Also… this is what can happen if untreated or gets too bad:

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  • (Dry Out Your [Coco-Pod] Before It Gets Worse): {:worried:}:


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@Joandy93 Hey bud, I would start by pushing that pod up, next try adding fans to the pod as well as stem to dry it out. Another helpful trick that was shown to me here was cut some paper towels and throughout the day let them soak some of the water of the Pod-- and finally add support to the stem with some string of sorts and I would cast her up ASAP, just make sure the cast has a slit in it to get air flow as well. Wedge the piece of straw in the pod and around the stem, good luck dude. :seedling: :crossed_fingers: :v:


late vegetation day 13/14.
Starting to smell weedy opening door lol. Pushed pod up today about an inch. The are roots visible around pod top hope that’s okay being hit by LIGHT! I did some pruning today. About to head into transition to flower


White widow Day 1/14 transition

33% 73.6 degrees fahrenheit growing like wild fire, even with tilted stalk. Stalk is strengthening pushing pod up. I also tried straw to brace it but stalks too thick. Pruned a little more on tilt side to let up on wieght. Seems to be growing great still! Hydroguard got lost in mail. So I reordered it.

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Day 9/14 transition


Day 6/40 flower. What’s your opinion?