Tent Grow!

@FireGuy set up is the most ideal humidifier set up for growing imo.


This is my unit it’s a beast even over kill.

I have it connected to my RO tank so what is nice is I never I have refill it. It’s all automatic


Well that’s something I’m definitely gonna have yo get cause the one :point_up:t4: I haven’t seen it go lower then 40 RH yet :seedling::dash::+1:t2:

I’ve got 2 1.5 gal in my 8x10 and 2 pools in the middle. That’s in my Panda :panda_face: room. I’ve got a 4x4 tent and my humidifier in that was 90 bucks amazon. Not hard to get your humidity up in a tent unless it’s a tiny one…???


Hey Growers,

Since the last photos I went through overwatering and outgrowing of the pots. I transplanted them into 5 gallon pots and corrected the overwatering by weighing my plants now. I gave them their first dose of nutrients. Here is my current lineup:

I went ahead and took a page out of @FireGuy book and went with the homestyle House of Hydro humidifier which satisfied all my humidity needs (thank you so much for pointing me in that direction!):

Yesterday morning I came upon this little critter:

I’ve only found that one and promptly removed it! It was not in the plants when found.

The plants seem to be in overall good health. I’ve recently topped them and done some low stress training. A couple of the plants throwing out these 11 fingered leaves and they are huge:

I’m having fun and learning a lot! The difference in each plant is interesting. Their own personalities lol.

I’m keeping a close eye for any deficiencies or troubles but can’t really tell if there’s any:

Happy growing!


So glad the humidifier setup is working for you! One thing I forgot to mention and I’m kicking myself for it…I’d really switch the output to hard PVC or waterproof flexible ducting if yours isn’t. As the humidity builds and pools in the ducting, it will start to break down the interior wall into a white, flaky dust and blow it into your tent (I found this out the hard way). If you route using hard PVC or some sort of rubber tubing, this issue won’t happen. Sorry I forgot to mention that before but your setup is clean.


So correct me if I’m wrong your only source of nutes is the Terps Tea correct?


ATM That is correct.


I have never used the product but I one concern it’s 7-1-1

Seems high in N and low in P-K @Todd.grobo what is your thoughts on that ratio for Veg? I know if you one day add worm casting to the mix your going to increase your N even more…


I have never used the product but I one concern it’s 7-1-1
Seems high in N and low in P-K @Todd.grobo what is your thoughts on that ratio for Veg? I know if you one day add worm casting to the mix your going to increase your N even more…

Thanks for the feedback (I so need it)!
All that I’ve been researching states the following:

“During the vegetative stage, the plant will require a base nutrient that is higher in nitrogen and lower in phosphorus and potassium.”

That’s why I went with 7-1-1 to start.
Also been reading that soil provides enough “cal/mag” so I didn’t get any of it. I use with distilled water instead of RO.


I do agree with you that in Veg you want higher N

I don’t have a problem with 7 parts N I’m just concerned P and K is low… And I want to add this may not even be a possible but the levels are alot lower that I have used in the past… Just sharing info

What kind of soil are you using? I have ran into problems in the past using with RO water and not enough Cal/mag (ran into problem after about 6 weeks in Veg)… I now always add Cal/Mag to around 0.2 Ec or 80 ppm… If you ever add Cal/mag just make sure it’s certificated organic or OMRI Listed


I’m using Happy Frog from Fox Farm. Yeah, I read about the issues with RO water. It’s fixable but I figure why add an extra step. I’ll do more reading on levels of P-K during veg.


Nice soil.

I guess I’m just more used to seeing values like this and then I normally add worm castings to top up the nitrogen


Are you using all of those at once?
Do you use them with every watering?


General idea

1 time every 3 weeks balance of time just water

In veg

Worm Casting and all Purpose 4-4-4

In flower (maybe some worm cast in early flower depends what my plants look like)

25% 4-4-4
75% bloom 2-8-4

Late flower bloom 2-8-4


What’s the red box? I love too create my own stuff.
I made my own super Cloner… And scrogs.

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@Merle_Carsten Is this what you’re referring to?

If so…it’s a giant humidifier and it’s here with a part breakdown a little further down.


Hey Growers!

After the chat with @Mpower11 and a little research. I decided to add more “P-K” to my feeding as the low levels were pointed out on my previous feeding.
I’ve added Terp Tea Bloom 3-7-4. Only adding 1.5 tsp at the moment.
The day after feeding, the plants seem to be responding well:

I want drop the temperature in my tent. 87 is the temp it likes to averagely sit at. I don’t think this will be ok come flower time and I kinda think the ice cream cake doesn’t like the current temp (plant on bottom left). Any advice is appreciated.

Now off to research about these worm castings lol.

Yeah that’s a home built humidifier using house of hydro mist maker.



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  • (I Can’t Help, -But- Notice You Have [“No Fans”] To Circulate The Air In The Grow Room): (An Air Conditioner Could Help With The Heat Issues): (Growing Is Not Cheap, I Know, I Know):

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Thanks! I’ve got 3 fans in the tent. 2 above the light and 1 clamped to a pole blowing on the plants. I also think I’ve been doing ventilation all wrong this whole time. I’ve kept the tent sealed with the inline fan on during lights on.
This caused the walls of the tent to sink in with very little fresh air coming in. I didn’t think much of it at first. Then, I opened up the flaps at the bottom of the tent. This dropped the temp by few degrees, the walls aren’t as sunken in, and now it is sucking in fresh our. Not just pushing out stale air. I think I’m going to get a little water evaporator to bring down the temp a few more degrees.

I have to have the inline fan on at full power (10) or else the temp slightly creeps up.
The light is currently at 80%. Worried for when I go to 100%.