SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

Nah. Im just a big guy. Dont fit in small spaces easily lol


Hey @SWSVIC did you drop a water temp sensor in your grobo?

Of course, went with this one due to Bluetooth ability:

Inkbird Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer Smart Sensor Data Logger with Waterproof External Probe Magnet for Food Storage Brewing Reptile Instrument Cigar IBS-TH1 (IBS-TH1 Plus+Aquarium Probe) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TSRCMRV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8eDnFb7SH9TAR


@SWSVIC my man! Thank you!

I noticed my acidic bottle is emptying way faster than any other. Grabbing a water temp probe and a ph meter too

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Good call, BlueLabs or Hanna for pH/EC meters.

Awesome Buds!!


Day 97 (Flower day 24/41)

Just sitting back watching these buds bulk up :sunglasses:

Questions for champs:

@chris_barfield @vegetato @Jamminbear

  • Should I do another round of defoliation this late in the game (flower day 24 + 14 day “transition”) or is that a bad idea? The fan leaves through out which were small at the time of my final lollipop defoliation have now grown in size. I have been tucking them however they are obviously shading buds that are lower down in the canopy.
  • My leaf temps are averaging about 74 however my VPD is spot on according to PULSE, would it be advisable to raise the temp in the grow space to try and raise leaf temps closer to that 78 mark or is she better off left at this temp?
  • For the second week in a row the Grobo dosed a lot more pH up than usual yet my pH in the reservoir is higher than usual at 6.2, any idea what might be causing this? See water change info an solution below.

Water Change Specs:

Water In Solution:
3 gal. distilled water, 11mL Rhino Skin (Silica), wait 1 hour for silica to bond, fill Grobo and allow it to dispense nutes and cal-mag, inject 1mL MammothP, inject 7.5mL Hydroguard.

Water Out Stats:
pH: 6.2
EC: 2.2
PPM700: 1540

As always feel free to comment and/or question, thank you all for checking out my grow!

Grow well,


Strip them the Hell down … I strip my girls to the bone before flip and at day 21 then I let them be


Looking awesome!!!

I gotta find myself a square trellis like that as well :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of the meter/yardstick in the Grobo to accurately measure growth n such!

Good to know that your carbon filter system has been doing a good job with a strain like this, GDP is traditionally pretty stinky, is it not?

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It was totally stripped haha, this is all new growth that came in afterwards. Definitely safe to go in on her again?

What day are you ?

What is that, that you stuck in there for support?

Day 24 of flower + 14 day transition.

It’s super stinky haha I love it. Opening the door each morning is a wonderful experience haha.


It’s a wire grate that I repurposed as a ScrOG screen.


I wouldn’t strip again- your on day 38 of flower right ? Just an occasional leaf tucking or a big fan leaf here and there. Those burnt tips has always been there ?

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I’d strip again just lightly but I’m aggressive personally


Yes for all intents and purposes outside of grobo growing I am on day 38 of flower. She burnt entering flower, could have been grobo nutes, could have been Big Bud intro (at 1/4 strength). I stopped it with daily water changes and it has not progressed since.

Nice! Good job being attentive.:clap:t3::+1:t2:


Went ahead and cleaned her up a bit in an effort to give more light to the lower bud sites, as well as create better air flow and hopefully lower the RH a touch. I was very sparing, took only the leaves that were not “tuckable”. As you can see in my post from yesterday, she had gotten pretty bushy even after her final flowering defoliation. Thanks again to @chris_barfield & @Jamminbear for the quick advice.