Soil growers!

Trying my hand at soil growing! I still having a few loose ends to tie up but almost ready. I have done my research but I would still like some pointers from growers with knowledge.


I’m in the same boat. I have a really nice grow shop near my house and they have a lot of knowledge.

I started my plants in smaller pots and one week before I switched to 12/12 I Transplanted them to 5 gallon fabric pots.

If you can get good soil you really won’t need much in the way of nutrients.

I only use B’52 for a vitamin supplement every watering and I use recharge every 8-10 days. I will also use Flawless Finish for flushing.

Most of my plants are about 2 1/2 to 3 feet already.

It’s really amazing how quickly they grow in soil. I just planted the seeds in pre- wet soil and they all popped very quickly.

All the leaves and bud sites are a beautiful green with no nutrient burns and no deficiency.


From what I have heard and read Fox Farms has some of the best soil for growing cannabis. Just about every review I have read has Fox Farms Happy Frog, and Fox Farms Ocean Forest at the top of the list.


I’m currently using the Ocean Forest.


Any suggestions on nutrient line supplements?Also when transplanting is there anything special to consider? I am about 20 days into my grow and have hit a few hiccups. To start with lights were place to close plants. They experienced some light burn and growth was stunted. Since moving the lighting plants seem to be growing but really slow! Temps have maintained at 80-83 with lights on and 71-74 with lights off. Humidity maintains between 40-50%. @pkroaster @Brotherbuddah @Mpower11 @Vicc @champions


Sup, Fresh?

This is definitely a loaded question, but I’ll do my best to help how I can.

I would recommend for at least the time being not to transplant. Rule of thumb with that is to transplant when the plant is root bound or basically maxed out the container it’s in. The pot you already have your plants in is what I flower and finish in. Next time I would start your plants in a smaller container, 4x4 or solo cup, and when they are rooted well in that transplant to the 7x7. Starting smaller will allow the plant to grow quicker. Dryback is essential in the young stages.

As for the nutrients there are an endless amount of companies out there that produce top quality product day in and day out. You need to figure out what route you personally want to go and research from there. Things to consider: dry products cost less than water based products, so avoid bottled nutrients. As for additives, I like PowerSi, GH CaliMagic, Photosynth + and SLF 100.

Couple Side notes: Try and get your day time humidity up to 65ish with those temps. Make sure plenty of air circulation. Definitely keep your light pretty high until they are much more mature. Idk what light you’re running but at least 36 inches if possible.

Hope that’s what you were looking for. Let me know if you need more :muscle:t3:


It is about 20 inches right now! Per pulse monitor it is at 96% with current placement. How are u dosing with nutrients? Also what soil do you use? Thanks for the advise. I am sure to be asking more questions along the way.

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I use Mother Earth coco/perlite, ProMix is good as well.
I use Crop salts which is a dry nutrient. You weigh out the amount of the Part A and B and add them to certain amount of water corresponding the dose you weighed out. Mix it up good and then slowly hand feed or set up auto irrigation. Make sure to let the soil dry almost 75% before next feeding.


I haven’t done a soil grow since I was a kid and it turned out terrible.
I actually asked my friend who been growing for 15 years this question last night so I can plan a 6 tree outdoor grow at my parents house. I wanted it to be as low maintenance as possible since my mom and sister in law will be taking care of them.

He recommended to use soil amendments such as super living soil and just using water. He recommends, If using super soil you will need to transplant into new soil pots when transitioning to flower to keep the nutrient replenished and fresh, however will need to water about 4 times a day when they flower. These were outdoor recommendations he gave me for a low maintenance grow.


I wanted to jump in and add one thing here if you don’t know… The pulse light monitor shouldn’t be used to confirm light intensity. If wasn’t built for that purpose in mind… If you want to confirm light intensity you need a par meter… Now the new PulseOne Pro that comes out In Jan (So I read) has a par meter built into it


Got that one on order

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Sweet!!! I kind of want one also.

The purpose of the light meter in your pulse one is just to confirm your lights turn off and on correctly…

Also used to determine if you have a Light leak when the lights are off…

Example if your lights are off and PulseOne reads a reading of 1% that means you have a light leak when lights are off

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On preorder it gives u pulse for free when u order pulse one pro!

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And think I seen a email that also said there was a discount code for customers that don’t want a second pulseOne unit.

It’s a good time to buy these units.

I am having trouble regulating humidity. I have 2 Tao auto humidifiers ! They do a really good job of keeping rH up but both don’t read rH right for auto part to work! I have cleaned sensors and use distilled water only in them. Any suggestions for better humidifers that are easier to control. I know there are controllers that are made for that but not much else. Any suggestions appreciated. @Mpower11 @Brotherbuddah @VermontGrobo @Vicc

I would get an analog or a humidifier that has a always on setting, switch or knob WITH NO LED OR LIGHTS. Digital ones normally require you to press the On button to turn them back on. You can then get a sensor to turn the humidifier on and off.

Something like this would work for a small scale, you may want a bigger one if you are looking to not fill it as often

You can either buy a green house environment controller, which can range between $120-500 depending on the features you want.

A cheap option, which I use for my grobo is the Meross Smart Plugs

With these 2 you can automate and control them remotely with your phone with easy settings like.
RH < 40 = Turn on Humidifier
RH > 55 = Turn off Humidifier

I am sure you can probably do the same with Alexa and Google home products, I just haven’t looked into them.

If you have the budget, a Trolmaster Hydro X will save you alot of headaches and its scalable to your operations


I’m in the same boat but I think I solved the problem I bought this last night just I have not installed / tested yet…

Control will be Trolmaster for me

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Figured i’d put this here as well for anyone that was interested but missed it in the flora-flex post.


Need a little advice. Still learning the ropes with soil growing. I am using house and garden nutrient line. Just watered with nutrients on Sunday. They seem to be deficient of something. I am suspecting calcium and nitrogen. I have some liquid revive . Can this be used with soils or do I need to go pick up something different from local hydro store. @Mpower11 @Brotherbuddah @VermontGrobo @Vicc @Todd.grobo @buzzy6 @The_Reverend


It states it can be used as a foliar spray! I have never done that before. If one chooses to use it that way when is the best time to do that and what are the specifics with that type of feed?

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