Silencer and smell reduction for 3D printing

Hi guys!
I‘m new to grobo but started my first grow and tried to find a solution for a silencer and additional smell reduction. So i tried to design a 3D printable adapter and for now it works great to regulate temperature and reduce the noise from the upper air outlet in the back.
Would love to hear your opinions/ideas/possible contributions. It‘s open source but not for reselling.
Feel free to tip me, so I feel motivated to improve the design :wink:

EDIT: arrhh, I‘m not allowed to post links :sob:
So please add „www“ and the link below



Similiar to @KeefGreenLeef.



Ah cool! Nice solution. In my case space was limited. Fits in a small „ Pax“ from IKEA

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Many growers have space issues, you nailed it!!! :eyes::seedling:

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