RIP Granddaddy Black

I had to pull my granddaddy black today. Root rot. Didn’t even realize it until I pulled up the roots from the bottom. 3.5 wasted weeks. I brew beer and make wine so this time I’m using 1 step sanitizing solution. I’m hoping that will kill any bacteria. I’m also picking up Hydroguard tomorrow.


Do you use camden tablets?

Whats the plant look like. That looks like it might just be nutrient 5

No. Never heard of that product. What is it?

I know a 20+ year grower who suggested I use H2O2 rather than Hydroguard. That’s what I used on my first grow. I also was using rapid root and mammoth P.

No. The bottom of the roots were dark, slimy and a bit smelly. The pic really doesn’t show it. There was gunk all over the place. She had a bad start anyway. I had a hint of damping off and she came back for a bit. With all of that gunk I have no doubt it was root rot.

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What do u think happened to get Root Rot? Temperature of the Rez?

I’m really not sure. I’m controlling temp and humidity. Besides a few mistakes my first grow was successful. I think Its possible that I just didn’t sanitize well enough after the first grow.

Something brewers use to remove chlorine & chloramine from water. Just was wondering if you used it - not related to your issues, my bad :sweat_smile:

Oh! I have used similar things for water treatment. Right now I’m brewing with RO water and adding minerals that mimic water in other countries such as Belgium, Germany, etc.

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Sounds fancy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It’s fun.

Someone with more experience then me please correct me if I am wrong, but won’t H2O2 kill the good bacteria in stuff like Mammoth/Orca, and Hydroguar?



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I won’t be using H2O2 anymore.

H2O2 dissipates within about 24 hrs and would have to be applied daily to be effective. Not sure about “stabilized” versions tho. And as @VermontGrobo mentioned, it kills all bacteria including the good. It’s best used when your plant is being put in quarantine & for sanitizing your reservoir before & after your grow.

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You can use those but they might have issues for cannabis as it drop the chlorine out of the water but clhoramine is harder to remove and takes days plus it converts to ammonia in the water so not really good for cannabis I’ve used dechlorinators before and had issues keeping ph

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I bought them, but have been hesitant to use them. I haven’t found any info on using it for cannabis specifically, but they have been used on edible gardens. I think I might skip it for this grow and experiment with it on my next one.

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If you want to use something that will essentially sanitize your reservoir and keep your roots healthy look into a product called ZeroTol HC. It promotes healthy roots, but at the same time it will sterilize your reservoir, so you wouldn’t be able to use anything like Hydroguard or Orca. I had to use some on my other grow that had a lot of algae growing in the rockwool. You do have to keep adding it to your water every 2-3 days due to dissipation.

@chris_barfield posted about it in the Everything FloraFlex thread.


Whats wrong with vinegar and water and let it soak 2 hours. 2 years going and no issues yet. Cheap too


I did use vinegar and water but I decided, since I have the sanitizer already, that I would use that as an extra measure. Also, there was a lot of brown/red gunk that came out of the unit when I drained it. So, in other words, the rot was everywhere.

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