(RESOLVED) Very unhappy with Grobo (Stephen's fault on this one, sorry!)

I requested a recipe a while ago. It was finally added to the list. I use the recipe and about halfway through realize that there was a problem with the lighting schedule. So grobo had me switch to a different recipe and forward my schedule to where I was before. This is now thrown off the entire schedule of notifications and water changes and everything to where I have to now keep track of it on my own.
When I emailed to find out about it it doesn’t seem like they’re in a real hurry or even worried about getting this taken care of because I know this is not the first time it’s happened and it’s been going on for a while now.

This was their response…
We have escalated this shift schedule software bug to our team. At this time, we do not have an ETA for that bug to be squashed. We are unable to modify the notifications. However, all notifications are available HERE for your review.

For now, please take note of your weekly drain and fill date, it’s okay to shift it a day here and there if you prefer to get it back to the date that you get notifications.
Example: If your drain and fill day is Wednesday for notifications, but you are doing them on Monday, each week you can delay by 1 day to get you back to the Wednesday.

Alternatively, continue to drain and fill weekly on the day that you normally do and ignore the Grobo notification. When you get into Flower, you will want to do 1 x water top up per week as well.

This is very upsetting to me especially because they’re not willing to give us information like pH and EC on our own because this is supposed to be for beginners and hands off. This makes it to where I have to keep track of it on my own if I want my schedule to stay as original, which is not hands off or beginner friendly at all!!
Super unhappy with this situation!!!


Hey @zacuriah,

Just responded to your latest support ticket and wanted to reply here as well…

This one is on me, as I made an error when creating this recipe, sorry! My apologies for the aggravation and stress this is causing. Here is the update:

  1. I’ve reapplied your recipe and applied the drain/fill and top up notifications to your current grow.
  2. I see you did your last Drain/Fill on the 23rd and topped up today.
  3. Your next notification will arrive after 11:08 am on Monday 31st for a full drain/fill.
  4. Your next top up notification is set to arrive Friday, June 4th.

This should get you back on track until the software team has a chance to chase down and squash this bug. Remember to keep that pH probe tip clean and clear of roots and check the health of it every month or so with the calibration feature.

Sorry mate, my mistake but you should be good to go for this grow now.




  • (I Don’t Live Off My Phone, -Or- Get On The Web Every Day): (Notifications Are Just There To Remind You That You Have A Plant In The Unit): (I Pick A Day To [Drain/Fill] -Then- Top It Up A Few Days Later): (Your Plant Lets You Know How Thirsty She Is, When You Fill Her Tank): (The More She Drinks, The More Often You Fill):

  • (I’m Sorry You Forget She Is There): (#LexusWhatAmIDoingToday): {:laughing:}:

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  • (Oh, -So- Now I Understand More): (Would It Help To Pick A Day For Each Unit -And- Write On The Unit To What Day They Get [Drain/Fill]): (Time Is For Your Convenience):



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I responded in email as well. Thank you for trying to fix this, I really appreciate it!! I am still off schedule, I was originally on day 40, 2 of 14 of transition when I found this error. So if I’m thinking correct I should be on day 48, 10 of 14 of transition currently. Water changes notifications should be on Saturday. It is possible to adjust it to this?


This is very hard for me as I have multiple grows going at once and the notifications are about the only way I remember what to do and when…


Yup, I sure can! You are now day 10/14 with notifications for drain/fills on Saturday.


Thank you so very much this really help me out alot!!