OG Kush Autoflower Rbx [Ethos Genetics] - *Harvested*

Germination (Day 1 / 10)

Grow Journal

Thanks to @Letsgrowmore, I decided to go with an Autoflower this time since I am here to learn and very interested in the faster flowering cycle!

I found that the runoff PH for the coco pod was at 6.4 so I had to flush it down to 5.8. Took about half a gallon.

After putting the seed into a paper towel and ziplock bag, I put it inside my beanie and left it on top of my computer where its warm (around 80f), this seemed to help them spout much better and quicker.


Your guardians will assist you on your way :pray:t4:


Early Vegetation (Day 1 / 14)

So it begins. This is my first time growing an Auto so this will be an entirely new experience for me.

That tube is a co2 feeder tube. I have it connected to a sugar yeast brewer

This is what I’m planning on running during veg, mostly at half strength

After inspecting her, I decided to roll back to germination and give her a few more days before I hit her will all this additives, probably a good idea so she’s now on Day 11 of Germination. I still plan on running the additives mentioned above in a few days once she gets a bit bigger.

Update Germination 17/17

Spent an extra week in Germination, its time to let her eat!


Early Vegetation (Day 1 / 14)

So the journey finally begins! I think she’s now a good size to get started. Keeping things light at the moment and only using additives at half strength and also foliar fed at full strength.


Really smart the extra germination week.
Burning in week 1 EV is soo common. Will do this on my next grow


Early Vegetation (Day 6 / 14)

As my martial arts teacher used to say… If you got kids, train them while they are still young.

Since this is an auto, it seems to make sense to do as much low impact stress training as possible since HST should be avoided until I become good at this.

LST to expose as much light to inner growth as possible.


Looking good :+1:. I’m excited to see you grow this auto


Thanks! I am excited to learn how to do this properly lol :laughing:

… wait… I am already skipping the mid week top offs to keep ppm higher lol nvm :sweat_smile:


Looks healthy! Love this flower. I hope she gets the purple hues on the fans in flower :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


I love :two_hearts: this technique. Will pay off :leafy_green::leafy_green::leafy_green::leafy_green:


Early Vegetation (Day 12 / 14)

Still doing her dance moves on a daily basis.
After having a bit of brainstorming session with @pyromancy, I decided to run some light bounce tests with mylar vs the grobo premium glass and gloss white walls. I found that adding mylar adds at least a 20% light increase (35% in some locations and angels) with the just addition of mylar film. Its not as pretty but at least its functional and also adds a layer of protection against scuffs and scratches. The lux from the lid cover facing up on my phone app went from 8600 lux to 14000 lux. That’s a significant increase. It is also visually much brighter in there now as well.

So you know. I plan to also wrap the lid a little later today.

I sort of like it, it adds a bit of disco lighting to her dance now. I also really like how green she is compared to my last plant.


Dam @Vicc did not notice this grow till now! I can’t wait to see this in flowering. I can tell this is going to be good :yum:


@joreyes1115 I also have another run going at the moment as well. It should get into flowering in a few weeks


Woah sick… you have a ton of plants growing, can’t wait to see them all in flowering :sob:! I’m watching both posts now, thanks for the link bro


My Mylar should be there when I get home. Gonna cut some slices and put it up tonightzzzzz

OG Kush looking good


That’s awesome. Gonna check on Amazon for mylar lol


Transition (Day 6 / 14)

More bending, tucking and good bye horses :laughing: :musical_keyboard: :musical_score:


Check her out! Bushy Lil’ thang!


Transition (Day 10 / 14)

The ppm went up to 1100 ppm after d/f on day 8.
I’m continuing with Rhizotonic and Cannazym.

I let her rest (no bend training day) for a day to take shape before rotating her again. I really like how rigorous her growth is without the need of much pruning.


How are you rotating her? Are you rotating the lid around?