Nutrients needs

@Stephen I read your story about how growing Cannabis has helped with your illness. I am big proponent of the Grow closet and especially if you can grow your own medicine which definitively is a Game Changer. However I have some questions regarding the Nutrient line and its ingredients.

  1. Can we discuss what goes into the 5 nutrient bottle?
    A. Ph UP
    B. Ph down
    C. Micro nutrients (CaMg)?
    D. Macro ( NPK)?
    E. Balanced?
    Organic vs Inorganic nutrients added?

  2. Can we add our own nutrients vs buying them from you guys?

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Hi Jamminbear,

You basically have it right. We adjust pH up and down, we add NPK in a 2 part formula and we have a CalMag supplement for those RO or distilled water growers. We are a drain to waste system, so organic does not work. Each recipe follows a specific dosing schedule that is adjusted specifically for the plant. Using your own nutrients would make the recipes unuseable and kill your plant.



@Stephen for those not using RO water, How does the app know to decrease CaMg?
2nd question- have you vape/smoked any of the tested plants and if so how does it compare to soil base mediums
3rd- Any test results regarding THC content level of the test plants such as that lemon Thai kush u posted.
Ps. Thanks Stephen for always answering all the questions in the forum.

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Morning Jamminbear,

Great questions, let’s see if I can shed some light.

  1. Grobo One responds to each recipe the user selects. The unit is able to ‘read’ the level of conductivity in the water as it fills. If it senses RO or distilled water (EC is very low here) it will buffer with Cal/Mag. If the system senses tap water, it will skip this step.

  2. Yes I have. Here in the lab I test Grobo One units in addition to several traditional grow tools and methods (think High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Soil, Nutrient Flow Transfer, etc…) so I get a chance to test many methods and strains. I’d say it is very subjective. I certainly have strains I prefer over others, but if one strain is grown well in both soil and DWC, it becomes harder to tell the difference. There is an old saying, Hydro for cash, soil for stash. The implication is DWC produces quantity and soil higher quality. Not sure I agree, especially with our 8 spectrum LED that allows us to change the THC content of cannabis (Went from 16% to 22%).

  3. I don’t send all of my harvests off to the lab. Just too pricey. The latest lab results I have are indicated above. I grew 3 plants using the exact same recipe apart from spectrum. I was able to increase the THC by 37.5%



@Stephen can you discuss the benefits of RO/DIstilled water vs tap/ filtered tap. I’m assuming with tap your using more ph up/down.

Hi Jamminbear,

Water quality is an important aspect when growing cannabis and plays an essential role in your cannabis’ health and development. When using hydroponics to grow plants you have three options: tap water, reverse osmosis (RO) water or distilled water. For now, we will combine RO and distilled into the same category.

Using RO or distilled water in the Grobo puts your cannabis at an advantage, as these waters have no chemicals or contaminants that can harm your plant. It provides your Grobo a clean slate which allows the system to know what’s in the water and to deliver the precise amount of nutrients needed for your plant to thrive.

Compared to growing with tap water, which is not recommended as many cities treat the water with a number of chemicals to eliminate contaminants, you are introducing many of these chemicals that could harm your plant’s health and growth. For example, chlorine that is used in tap water has properties that kill off the beneficial fungi and bacteria found in plants that could stunt plant growth and reduce harvest weight. Similarly, because the baseline for your water starts at a higher concentration from the random particulates, your Grobo system is more likely to use more of the nutrients to create the perfect environment for your plant to thrive by balancing out the water. However, as a general rule, if you do not drink water from the tap, then your plants should not either—use reverse osmosis water to grow your cannabis.


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