Grobo vs. Mary AG - let's start

Was gone away for about a week but finally got both machines setup in their new home. We built a custom grow room. The picture you see is the back of it, but it’s about 12’ long. It’s likely as we add another machine that they will go against a side wall instead. Wires hanging from the ceiling are RJ45 ethernet (Cat 6) and will power an access solution (Ubiquiti Unifi AP Pro) as well as 2 X PoE security cameras. Door locks with a deadbolt powered by an August. @Stephen I’ll send you some additional pictures once all is said and done.

So, yesterday after setting up the units and connecting to the wifi (Grobo has already done 1 full grow), we moved into germination. Grobo - well, it’s dead simple. Plug in your recipe and the app walks you through it. Can’t be simpler. The Mary is still what I would consider as beta. The app doesn’t do much (but it’s super pretty) beyond controlling the lights. You can add a plant but all that does is allow you to name it. It doesn’t have any recipes, etc so it’s really just a single growing system. You do have a lot of capability to manually change the settings, but it’s not as automated as Grobo for sure. Germinating in the Grobo as you know is done in the cocopod. With Mary, it’s done on some plates and wet paper towls. You then move it to rock wool once the tap root comes out.

Anyway, Day 1. I’ll keep everyone posted. Some pictures below for you to see. So far, simplicity of grow and communication to someone who isn’t an expert in growing goes to Grobo. The adding of a new plant and walk through - and recipes are amazing in comparison. Great job to the team.

One thing the Mary has going for it though is how quiet it is. It’s dead silent compared to the Grobo which I find pretty loud.


Like the room :call_me_hand: id position the units father from each other like how u said on the side instead of the back and space them out. Does this room have its own a/c system, humidifier/dehumidifier? Mary does look fancy and light control looks interesting.


Yes, forgot to mention I spent a lot of time crawling around in my attic running wires, etc. There is humidity and temperature control in the ceiling. Everything is IoT. I’ll post more pictures as we continue the build out. 100% though, I think as we continue and add another machine they will go against the wall instead.


That app on the other machine is what was promised to us… I don’t know what that machine is but it looks cool… wish the grobo app was close to it


Damn…All that with AC/Humidity Control Built in for $800.00.

Service is probably lacking compared to Grobo, but still.


Thanks so much for posting your findings to compare the two. I hate to have buyers remorse or envy and this could help a lot of us from buying on a whim. I had a gut feeling about the grobo being superior even with the climate control so this makes me feel better that the grobo doesn’t have any and cost three times more. I have been enjoying my purchase (grobo) and was hoping there wasn’t a better option this early in the game!

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It’s still super early for me to draw a finished conclusion. I can say that the support, fit and polish - AND this community so far set the Grobo apart. As they say, proof is in the pudding, and the end result will be a good indicator.

That being said, I’ll try and do weekly updates and tidbits on the grow, my communications and findings in hopes it helps others. @Stephen is there a way to create a post dedicated to that, or should this running post be good? Don’t want to gum up your forum with virtual hoarding. haha.


I will be :eyes::seedling: and this post you have created within the forum is the best way for this type of foot traffic, its open to everyone and labeled correctly. I’m excited for this topic and can’t wait to hear more!


Hey @RedCorrado,

This is a super spot for your observations! Keep them coming…



Thanks James - good insight. AND… if anyone has a Grobo stored away and is SERIOUS about offloading it, send me a message. I’ll end up with 4 of something by the end.

Alright. Now I should have been clear - I was on the Mary AG Facebook group. Yes, it’s the same seed - Gorilla Glue #4 feminized from Canuk Seeds. I started germination for both seeds at the exact same time, with the goal of seeing which produces better, higher volume and quicker. My feeling straight out of the gate is that simply based on the grow area and the number of lights (not to mention AC) the total output per grow should be higher.

As someone who is doing this purely as a hobby (well, I enjoy the outcome) and a tech geek, I love how these work. So, it’s fun to me as well.



Grobo vs. Mary AG - let’s start

((#IWillWatchYouGrow)): :eyes:




Quick update for those following, the Mary has not been a great experience to date. If I had to break it down quickly, I would suggest it is a really, really nice stealth grow tent in a world that no longer needs to hide the fact you are growing cannabis. Germination happens outside the machine. Mixing of the nutrients, outside. Honestly, I think it might be false advertising to call it an Smart Automated Home Grow Box as in my experience to date, there is very little (sorry read zero) automation.

David from Mary has been helpful, and I had a call with him and their horticulturalist Andrew but little has come out of that. Pictured below are the Mary seed (top) and the Grobo (bottom). At this point I’m transplanting the seed into the Mary in hopes of saving it - but I don’t much optimism.

For those who are just coming in - this is a hobby. I’m not a horticulturalist. My goal was to grow some plants that I can use for personal enjoyment. I’m a tech guy at heart so doing it in a high tech automated box was fun. I have some disposable income to allow me to have this hobby. I didn’t sign up to by external germination equipment, pumps, mix nutrients, reverse osmosis, etc.

I’ll wait to hear back one more time from the Mary team, but my experiment is likely over. If anyone is more experienced than me and wants the Mary for a reasonable price, let me know. If you have a Grobo you want to depart with, let me know. @Stephen let me know if anything has come up. You have a fan for life…

Pictures below. Both Gorilla Glue #4 feminized.


There are so many problems with that plant it’s not funny, ph, cal/mag, close to damping off, run brother run​:joy::joy::+1::v:

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Definitely makes me feel better about my purchase.

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And you should…

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I’ve sent a series of emails to them and no response yet. Funny, I’m going through their site cause I can’t remember why I bought it… Oh, ya because it was an automated grow box according to the website:

Most of what they claim on the website is certainly not a reality of today. Nutrient pods. Open put in water and go. Nope. They send you what look like weed packs of nutrients that you need to mix yourself and PH test to a certain EC… I’m sure that means a lot to people here… not me. Or it didn’t… and I didn’t intend for it to, read looking for automation.

App shows a QR code for putting in your plant and go from there. Also doesn’t exist. App doesn’t seem to do anything right now.

Hopefully they respond today (3 days for a response - if they respond today - if you are wondering) so I can get some answers on next steps…



Hey man - good feedback. And in 99% of the cases I agree with you. For me though (the 1%) it’s more fun and technology rather than yield. But as I say, I completely see where you are coming from.

That being said - since you are not using these, you have a Grobo to sell me at a reasonable price? I’m going to be in the market.

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Sorry Red, My unit was sent back and I was provided a no hassles full refund. Since you’re still in the market for a unit perhaps purchase a seedo or maybe since you want to buy a few you could haggle pricing with Grobo? I wouldn’t recommend any of these units, but for someone like you (1%er) who admittedly wants to continue throwing away his money :joy::man_shrugging: the seedo is the better all around device with more lighting, co2 and environmental controls, but the grobo also works and if you have trouble and you will, they’re here to assist and replace parts during your warranty period. My understanding from seedo users is this is not the case and typical wait times for any issues is 72 hours.

On another note, since there isnt many moving parts and there are plenty of us IT people from all backgrounds on this forum there is no reason we couldn’t easily build one of these ourselves. I kicked around the idea of this a few months ago and didn’t want to jump into this project myself. So I opted to go the cheap route and build a tent. A lot of the engineers and IT groups I work with wanted little to do with a project like this, but I’d be interested. Although the programmers laughed at some of the data I provided (neither here nor there). It’s a few pumps, fans, com device, boards, a lot of plastic and a box w/ a light. “My guess” is all equipment would cost less than a few hundred dollars.


Bwahaha. I don’t consider it throwing my money away. Heck, I’ve bought a bunch of Apple products I would say I’ve wasted more money on (Android for life!!!). Hahaha. My business is roasting coffee and I have a few things I’m working on, on that front. I got out of the IT grind 2 years ago. I gotta spend my investment (business wise) cycles on that. I’m happy to support you though if you move forward with something cool.


Appreciate it, but it would be a side project if anything. As it is now, I’m no further than liking “the idea” of it. I have a full time gig and a family along with a son that as he grows consumes more and more time. I am a lot like you in that I have some disposable income as well as a want for better automated products. Id much rather the products offered simply be better than what they currently are and lived up to the expectations they set themselves.