New Grow tent who this?

Good day all just wanted to share my new toy with you guys a 2x2 spider farmer grow tent complete with led grow lights and fan I put the ZSK in the tent to start off any pointers for a first time grower in tent everything right now is set up as 18/6 had to test drive the lights make sure they turned off as they should and everything working so far. Using a 3 gallon cloth pot with coco soil from coco professional plus and organic perlite have not added no nutrients just water distilled of course :sweat_drops:

Here are a few pics thanks for looking and any feed back will help


I feel like she sad any pointers leaves are turning a slight yellow or is it just me ?


Looks like a light green color and weak. My guess is it is not getting adequate nutrients. Something is locked out. Check your PH.


Ok will do but I do use distilled water but will give it a check. Thanks for the response

Although you use distilled water, the PH must be adjusted. The machine is supposed to do it, but I would still check each time I open the box. PH bad, plant dies…

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@Time2grow plant is hungry you need to feed it.

Also I would start adding Cal/mag to your distilled water on every watering


Cal/mag any brand or specific one ? Please and thank you

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Depends are you growing 100% organic or do you plan to use some / all synthetic products?


All organic

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I use this one just make sure organic one like I posted.

What do you plan to use for nutes?


Have all advance nutrients bud candy big bud overdrive flawless finish and b52 I think that’s it which I haven’t added none of this yet are they ok?

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I am familiar with some of these products

Bud candy is organic

Overdrive is synthetic

Flawless finish isn’t need if your growing true organic

B52 not sure would have to look that one up.

But all above isn’t plant food. (Complete meal / base nutes)

Nothing wrong with going synthetic but if you want to try true organic I don’t recommend you use any synthetic products at all it will just make your job a lot harder.


Any recommendations which would be the best that way I can keep in mind and buy them as I go please and thank you for all your help

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I use Gaia green for top dressing

At minimum you need All purpose and bloom and worm casting. (Worm castings doesn’t need to be Gaia green)

If your in Canada it’s easier to source in general


Will this be it or the bucket kind


2 plants bucket is lots.

The bucket is enough for 2 plants is that what you meant

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Will do I’ll get right on it

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Sorry I thought you had 2 plants. I see you only have 1 plant.

What I mean is if your only growing 1 plant bucket (pale) is the right size to get.

It’s cheaper per pound to get the bags but product will expire before you can use it all up with only growing 1 plant at a time