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Does anyone know the life span of the LED in Grobo? I have had mine for 2 plus yrs. My last 2 grows the plant didn’t stretch. I’ve never had a grow(in height) like any of the beautiful pics I’ve seen from a Grobo

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What strain were you growing? Auto or feminized? Chances are the strain you grew was supposed to be short.


I figured as much. All from same breeder so I was gonna switch that up too. I’ll just wait for the luck of the draw

Which breeder and what strains? Are you extending the late vegetation phase at all or just following the Grobo recipes?

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I’ve used Growers Choice Seeds. Grown Critical Mass & OG Kush. I used the app to gain more time. I like that option, didn’t have that when i 1st started my Grobo venture. Im now in three 7th day of flush w/ OG Kush. 133rd day

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Can you post a picture of it?

does that work?


Yes, great photos. How long did you extend the late vegetation stage for on this plant?

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21 days in both late veg. & transition with 61 days in flwr

Hey @Graham,

Just a quick note, transition stage is part of the flowering period. You are already on 12/12 when in transition. Late veg is your last opportunity to extend your schedule and increase your yield.

Nice looking nugs there!



I just kept pushing back because the plant wasn’t maturing. I had a root rot stint I had to deal w/ so that’s why the extending. Was that the wing thing to do?


Yes extending Transition isn’t going to do anything for that, the plant is going to stretch however tall the genetics and environment allow. Honestly you did a good job extending and allowing her to heal in the veg. phase so that she could have a healthy transition and you’ve got a great looking plant and should be proud. Next time around try and keep the root rot and any other issues that may cause you plant to stunt in size at bay, and grow the plant in late veg up until the bottom of the second fan and then switch to transition (unless it is a very fast growing genetic in which case you would switch to transition without extending). Don’t be shy about asking questions on anything here on AG, so many great people ready and willing to help, big or small, ask away!


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