Just popped up and it's yellow?

ILGM blueberry auto

Why is this little guy yellow???
Is this normal?



  • (Is The Root coming Out The Bottom Yet, -And- Did You Make A Pod Holder):? :question:{:white_check_mark:}:

  • (Try To Use A Flash For Your Pictures To Help With The Lighting :camera_flash:): (Make Sure Your Pod Is Not Sopping Wet, This Will Drown The Seedling): (Even If You Have A Fiber, You Can Surgically Remove It -And- Continue Your Grow):

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  • (Good Explanation, Thank-You For That): (You Want Your Pod Like This [:arrow_down:] With Wetness): (You Don’t Want Pod Soaked, She’ll Drown): (You Don’t Want Her Too Dry, She’ll :dizzy_face:): (It Has To Be Just Right):

  • (Don’t Worry We Will Try To Save Her): (Root Showing Out The Bottom Is A Good Sign): (Check Out The Beginning Of Our Grow Where We Have Tons Of Small Pods As Well, -And- I Tried [McRigging SomeThing] As Well): (She Didn’t Like It, [The Pod Was Too Tight , -So- She Grew Up Instead Of Down] -And- I Had To Try To Save Her Twice [:v:]): (Now She’s In Flower :white_flower:):

  • Grow Journal - ‘Green Crack (Sativa)’ (grobo.io)


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The root is just barely poking out.

Yes I have an extra holder in there. I guess I got the wrong size coca pod and they just fall through, so I used one of the holders that came with a aero garden.

There are two little new leaves today.

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Those first leaves are cotyledons and are used only as a food source as your little one gets established…your second set of leaves are more important and they look ok to me.