How can i tell the proper depth of coco pod if i cant see it?

Is the 3rd time the charm? Losing patience with this expensive unit.

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Whats wrong?

1st seed never germinated. I germinated the 2nd outside and planted it in the grobo. It drowned. I had the coco flush with the top. Cant see if it’s in the water or not, but the machine asked for more water.

If the panel were clear I could see it. Simple engineering solution. But I’ve now wasted a month of potential grow cycle and $$ for seeds. I’d order another coco but it’s $15 shipping.


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I am sorry too this happened to you. Why the cover is not clear? The roots don’t like light that’s why. What happened to me before I placed the coco pod too deep and so the roots were content not to the pod and just circled the cover. Next time I left it up about an 1/8 of a inch up above the cover and had faith that the would bubble enough water and it did. Hang in there once you learn your system the Grobo is Fantastic!!!


Let’s do the next grow together step by step you tell us when your ready!


Touche :wink:

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I started yesterday. I’m paying very close attention to the coco pod depth. Im trying to gauge how moist it SHOULD be. at this point. the pod is not even close to being flush as I’m paranoid to drown another poor seedling.

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Can you upload a pic?
Positioning of the pod in the begining is key, I can tell you that if your syarting out with the pod not being flush that is usually the start of all your problems.
When placing the pod in you are supposed to soak in water for a second and immediatly squeeze out the water and put in the lid before it swells.
The top of the pod should be flush with the top of the pod.

" I can tell you that if your syarting out with the pod not being flush that is usually the start of all your problems."

That’s how it was the previous 3 fails by drowning. I’ll try to get a pic. If it’s flush then it is getting too wet.

Thanks for your help, btw :slight_smile: -)

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Try forcing the coco pod down more in a circular motion to get it flush with the top or you can pull from the underside

When raised too high you run the risk of the roots not getting enough water.
Sometimes even when the pod is flush growers think that drowning is caused by the pod being too close to the water, I find that drowning can also happen if you don’t take proper care to squeeze the pod out before placing it in the lid.
If the pod is soaked it can cause mold, drowning, etc…
Before you started this grow did you properly sanitze your unit and calibrate your probes?
Check your sensors water levels?
Looks like the water is where it should be to start.
How about you push the pod down just a bit more and we all keep a check on it daily?
If you don’t already have a small fan for late veg stage you have time to get one because you won’t need it in germination or early veg but may I give my opinion about buying one for late veg? ( it helps to keep the pod from being too moist ) when at this point it should be dry on top.

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I followed the instructions step by step per Grobo on setup. Calibrate probes? Sensor water levels? Now I need another fan? Whaaaaa?

I did put the pod deeper in the circular motion previously suggested. It’s not dry on the top. It’s damp to the touch. Will post an update pic when I can. I’m pretty sure this one is drowning too, yet just got a notice that my seedling is thirsty. :grimacing:

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The water notifications are on timed cycles, not responses to real-time data.

Edit: Just reread your posts - it sounds like you aren’t squeezing the pod enough before placing it into the lid. And/or you might be planting the seed too deep.


The pod doesn’t start to dry out right away it takes some time but if it starts out too wet/soaked you could run into a problem.
You don’t have to buy a fan I just suggested it because you were worried about drowning and it helps to dry the pod out up top.
Try your best not to handle the plant in germination stage! Just take a picture and post any concerns so we can help you find the best solutions.


Hey @Centervillain,

Notifications are currently time based, so you will get a notification to top up your Grobo on day 3 every time you start a new grow. If the pod is too wet, raise it a bit, if too dry, lower it a bit. It really is a bit of a dance to get it just right, but fresh seeds will pop quickly. (2-5 days)

Good luck!



Hey grower. I found that germinating outside the Grobo carries the least chance of surviving past sprouting for some reason. Stick with planting the seed in the Grobo from start. Be patient with the unit- if it has issues just open a ticket and support will help you. If you have any growing questions or concerns, the community will be glad to lend advise. Just remember that this is a hands-on project even if the system is automatic. Happy harvest!


@Stephen Thanks for the reply. Getting some conflicting information. I raised the pod backup as it was dripping wet when i pulled the top. It’s obviously too wet. Nothing to do with squeezing the pod hard enough, and I’ve tried 3 different depths. Per my 3 previous failures. Any idea why it’s $15 to ship a new coco pod?