Hello everyone first post need some re assuring Im doing things correctly thank you

So I’m on day 17 of my first grow…growing a gas cake seed by jungle boys with the forbidden cake recipe by elev8 seeds my plants been looking good up until now I am starting to see some spots pop up on certain leaves…I have the Grobo setup in my room and I need to keep my room more cool but before I do that thinking I’m mr. know it all I finally wanted to share my grow so I can get educated and have the most fire yield.! All help is appreciated.


Welcome! Excited to see her grow!! I would double-check under the lid and make sure the roots are growing down into the reservoir. Also make sure your bubbler is working properly. If both of those are good, id raise up your coco pod a tiny bit… they tend to extend down too low and can destroy a plant in the early stages if they stay too wet. With that said, your plant looks pretty good! Those spots aren’t overly concerning at this point. If your leaves start drooping more, that would indicate that one of those three may be an issue.


@Chad_Johnson i appreciate the wisdom I raised my coco pod a bit like you said my water pump is working and my roots are in the reservoir I just feel they need to become longer thank you I’ll post a pic of my roots when I get a chance thank you


Happy to help :facepunch:

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