Grow number (2) LA OG

12(ish) hours in a shot glass with water.
Planted seed 3 days ago. She’s popped and is trying to break out.

Made my own little Grobo Start!

I give a few sprays from a water bottle to the pod then put in the cover. Temps a skosh low, but it’s still “chilly” here in Maine. The sensor read outs are both from inside the unit. The lower humidity is outside the dome (upper reading), the lower reading is fro the dome. Humidity a little high due to just spraying it, but with the cover it settles right around the 68-72% RH under the cover.

Water temp 70*F

Should see some sprout by day’s end or perhaps tomorrow. Wooohooo!


Hey grower,
Have you had trouble germinating on your first grow or is this just an exoeriment? :eyes::seedling:


My FIRST grow? Hahaha. Yeah. I had troubles with that one. My coco pod was too low and stayed too wet. While adjusting the pod, I broke the root.

My second grow was a success and had no issues other than trying to deal with RH and temps during the winter.

The cover is basically an experiment for now, I suppose. May have to prop it up a 1/4” or so to get some positive air flow, but for now it’s working a treat to assist with the germ phase. It’ll get plenty humid here in the upcoming weeks and months, so I reckon I’ll have to start planning for excess RH and higher H2O temps. Don’t want to invest in the chiller to control water temps (and am kicking myself for selling off my wort chiller a few years ago). Guess we’ll see what happens this spring/summer with that. Still collecting my local environment data for the full year so I can prepare the annual schedules and control measures.


Youd be surprised at how a grow can get through those fluctuations with just a little hydroguard! :eyes::seedling:


Oh. Ayuh.

That’s in there too. Hahaha


You can start out by using cold water when doing drain and fill.
You can make sure to move your grobo away from wall so heat doesnt bounce back from walls.
You can use inside fans pointing downward into reservoir.
You can add a dehumidifier on top of grobo facing the back of your grobo.
You can use a ceiling fan, or room air conditioner in the hot months.
Or you can buy a water chiller if you prefer.
I simply use hydroguard and my air condioner in the summer! :eyes::seedling:


Kinda like the real L.A., it’s started off great and just got a little….odd

Any ideas from the good folks on here?

I’m thinking this might be some serious genetic defect. Roots look great. Nice, white, long.

RO water temp at 72*, Temp and RH on point.

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All good questions!!

The cover was there for the first 4 days of germ, ventilated as well.

The funk started after that. Lol. She’s growing, just looking a little non standard right now.

Will let it ride and see what happens.

Pod is already up as high as it will go without falling over. It was a little more damp than I’d like, but not soaked.

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I’m thinking perhaps I may be getting a light leak to the tank. When I installed the new LED strips, I ran the cord up through the back of the unit and have it squeezed behind the top cover . The cord is a little thick and just happens to run along the side of the plant that looks “funky”. Ran some duct tape along the seams to help with any light leaks to the reservoir.

Will see how she does in a week. Some new growth (mostly centered) is looking decent though


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She’s taking off now!


This has been a very interesting grow.

This plant is a touch freaky. Hahaha

Added a CO2 bottle a few days ago, and she seems to really enjoy it. Having to remove huge fan leaves every couple of days.

Outdoor grows are doing VERY well. They were pulled from 2 and 5 gal pots and placed to Mother Earth. All very happy. The outdoor are starting to pre-flower, and it doesn’t look as though they’ll go back into veg. They started life in coco, so watering/feeding every day is almost necessary. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Started with the big bud boosters today. 2ml per liter. Noticed the LST a few weeks back grew into a split that healed itself. Almost all the colas are nearly even with each other. The ones up front are a bit short likely due to the majority of light being focused to the back of the box. Think I might move the additional LED forward a bit to compensate. Otherwise she’s looking good!

Outdoor plants are thriving nicely. They’ve started to go into pre-flower. Those are getting fish shot and banana/egg shell teas every other day.

Going to be a good fall harvest!!

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Day 5 in flower. The stretch is on!

Outdoor Sunset Sherb has also started her stretch. I’m going to need scaffolding to harvest this girl. Hahaha


She’s coming along. Love the glass door

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