Grobo Smell elimination MOD. Stay discrete with this new add on. You can invite grandma over again

Please no hate :smiley: but doesn’t this defeat one of the big advantages of buying something discrete like Grobo?

If I wanted something to stand out like that, I would have told my friend to just buy a 2x2 or 2x4 grow tent kit for a little less and just vent it out the dryer vent.

We went with Grobo as it does not look like what it is.


Are you still making these?

@KeefGreenLeef are you still making & selling these? I would like to purchase one. I sent you an email but have not heard back. Please let me know


As a heads up @RodneyDangerFielding , I put a inline fan connected to a carbon filter near the back of my grobo and placed the vent hose near (not on) the vent at the back. It has eliminated all scent without having to physically attach anything to the box thus far.

Solution in a box for you here.

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Just a heads up I have messaged this gentleman 3 times and gotten no response. I like the suggestion about the one on Amazon that doesn’t attach.

I like this suggestion. I have a question, did it effect the temp or humidity? Also did you go thru the flowering and harvest with no smell? Thanks for this suggestion.

I’ll think of ordering one after 4 grows under my belt. :+1:t5:

I haven’t gone through the whole process but have this in hand to attach with magnet strips if needed. 12 x 12 x 2.5 Inch ABS Plastic Flange with 4 Inch OD Opening for Dust Collector Systems 73467

No impact or changes to what’s happening inside the box re: humidity or temps.

Thanks so much for the share.
See ya around.
Happy Growing.

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I nornally use a loose inline fan and carbon filter in the room where I’m growing. I let it run 24/7. No odor what so ever and I’m growing about 10+ plants at a time

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What a great build.
I saw you would like an address for calc on mailing.
I live in the burbs of Chicago.
I would like to order the type 2 with better fan.
When you have time, hope t o hear from you,

Order you own. I tied to reach them 3 or 4!times.


Thanks for the info.

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Installed mine last night.


Can you use that plate on the back of the Grobo and vent direct to a window somehow? I have a
small window in the room I can vent from, just want to make sure it is “discrete”. The window is to narrow for a normal dual exhaust fan or anything like that.

How did you attached to the back of the Grobo? Do you have those pictures?

Were you able to actually do it without screwing it on? I was really considering this as I get closer to transition it is smelling more and more than I was actually hoping for!

Magnetic tape is what I used when running something like this.

I attached it with double sided tape and it doesn’t move at all.

You don’t have to vent it out a window. I have no smell at all and I’m almost at harvest. If you vent outside with no carbon filter you will be sharing it with the entire neighborhood.