Grobo Smell elimination MOD. Stay discrete with this new add on. You can invite grandma over again

Awesome!!! I really am interested in the simplicity of the Grobo, but I need this to be stealth with zero odors while the door is shut. Obviously I’ll unleash an odor once I open the door, but I can handle that. Is it accurate that there is zero detectable odor from this set-up? Also, how loud is this?

Last question, how do I get in touch with you if I want to order? FYI I’m in Wisconsin :slight_smile:


It doesn’t completely eliminate smells, but it reduces it significantly. Towards the end of flower stage you will get a small sniff but it’s doesn’t leave the room the grobo is in. I would say roughly 2/10 on the smell o meter at the worst. Send me an email and I will get your order started.


@KeefGreenLeef 's odor elimination mods are awesome! Grows are in mid to late flower and they do a fantastic job of reducing the odors. No noticeable smells in the room! These make a huge difference.

I did modify the setup a bit by replacing the fan with a 4" AC Infinity Cloudline and the 90 elbow.


Hi :wink:

Been running my Mod off @KeefGreenLeef for around 4 wks now with no complaints on quality, his build or the communication involved even with me being :uk: based :wink::wink:

Noise level on speed 1 is no more than a running aquarium might sound but @ least you have 4 more speeds if needed…Headphones Not Included :rofl:!!! but too be expected :neutral_face:

I’m only @ E.V 10/14 so I have no report on smell but im sure it Will work :crossed_fingers:!:crossed_fingers:!:rofl:!

Fan: TerraBloom ECMF-100-R
Filter: TerraBloom 4"x16" 300-350 CFM


One thing I’ve notice about this mod, it expells heat. I’m mean the fan cools off the back side of the led where there is virtually know heat on the front side. Low Temps! No smells! Lol

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Yeah it really does help improve airflow too! Last time I was hooking up the carbon filter I made a mistake and the white plastic box separated in a few places near the 4" connector. I think I duct taped it up but I’m going to replace the white box with a smaller box recommended by SWSVIC.


I can send you another mount free of charge if you pay for shipping. Email me if your interested.

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I have the same dust collection flange and even with almost an entire roll of magnetic tape on it, it doesn’t like to stay in place. If you do use the one that SWSVIC used you may want to drill some holes in it so you can mount it on your Grobo just like @KeefGreenLeef has his designed.


I ordered 2 and they work great. The only modifications that I did was to take the extra 4 self tapping screws that are replaced and use them to secure the filter more beyond the two Frankenstein screws. I also use the speed button to help prop it up. I already had one of the silicone seals come loose from the weight. So maybe some thing to help with support. You can see in the pictures where I jammed the speed controls under.


Booooooo!!! :roll_eyes::fist_right:

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I am super interest in this please contact me I would love to purchase I have contacted you already but got no response

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Hey what’s up. Sorry for the late response. I’m in the USVI right now. I’ll be home in a couple days. Which model where you looking to purchase? The original is 225 + shipping and the better model has a more powerful fan with a throttle controller for 275 + shipping . If heat, humidity, and smell are all problems, I would get the better fan version. But the original works well if smell is your only concern. Leave me your address so I can calculate shipping. I except payments through PayPal
It takes about 4 days to ship.


I sent you a message looking to get one.

What size filter and fan is this mod using?

How well is it working for folks?

I will really need to eliminate smells in order to grow more own. My state will be legal next month, but I have inquisitive kids that don’t need to know too much and I worry about smells

Are you guys also using Ona bucket?

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@KeefGreenLeef are you still making/selling these? I am interested. I sent an email but hadn’t heard from you so I wasn’t sure if you were still “in the business” . Let me know :blush: