Grobo for sale

Hey Guys I have a grobo for sale. If anybody is interested. Its not what I was expecting and I am just tired of having to repair every piece on this thing , and I am tired of constantly having to contact support.

Its lost its fun because of its many defects .

If interested please message me.


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Why don’t you try a run doing everything yourself? Unhook nutes and just mix your own and ph it and you’re good to go. That’s what myself and a couple other users do. :+1::v:

Is that really a solution ?

By a 2000$ cabinet for just a steel locker ?

Idk what it is in this forum with people accepting this type of product …and the ridiculous amount of things that need to be changed on it as “normal “

This is not normal dude these are defective products going out the door for $2000

You telling me that numerous people are unhooking the sensors and going manually is enough for anybody to see that this thing is a huge waste of money and doesn’t even work as advertised.

It’s For sale all of it plus all the numerous replacement parts …I want this thing out of my life and just to forget I even purchased it lol

When a car manufacturer sells a car with numerous defects it falls under a “lemon law”

All these cabinets from grobo are “lemons”

It’s like pulling teeth to just get the mother board replacement instructions it takes like 5 different emails …,

I have just had it with this thing and hopefully I can find a buyer for one of the worst purchases I have ever made in my life .


Fair nuff :v:


What @Osage said.

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It sucks you’ve this experience. Just not sure how much you’ll get for a system that has been tampered with and has no warranty because that can’t be transferred and the person would need access to your email because the system stays with the initial email it was installed with :man_shrugging:t5:

I thought the device is transferable and can be setup as “new” for a different owner w/ a different email . In my short time here I’ve seen a few people unload their grobos

Unsure about transferring warranty, but I don’t think Rob really cares at this point. I would also assume that he’s aware he’s selling a used device and won’t get purchased value for it

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I’ve seen it unloaded here also but transferring was an issue. Maybe that has been resolved since I read last.

Take look

Transfer ownership is not an issue however the terms and conditions of purchase essentially void the warranty

Good Luck @Rob



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What’s the lost you’d accept and where are you located?

I live in Ottawa , it’s been near next to impossible to get the proper instructions for my mother board replacement they just keep sending me links that show nothing .

It was delivered to me January 2019 , I have done two gross in it.

Hey Rob,

I’ve sent the instructions over several times and even tested sending them to my own iphone with no trouble. It’s a PDF and I’ve not had any issues with users receiving them. Is it possible it’s a setting on your phone?


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Lol idk dude I have searched and searched .

I got one 10 step one that is the harness guide but just can’t seem to find the long motherboard replacement instructions .

My email is…maybe from a different email can you send them to seperate them from these grobo ones …

Hey @Rob,

I’ve sent over the guide and some instructions to you here on AG in a private message. Let me know if that works.


Hey how much would you take for your unit?


Hey Stephen you keep sending me the harness guide and I keep replying with no I need the PCB02 instructions and you keep sending me back PCB01

So I have attached a photo I hope this helps

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Roger that @Rob,

Sorry my bad. Thought you were replacing your top board. I’ve sent you the correct guide now.

Good luck with the repair!


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This for sure! Good luck finding a buyer.

I don’t think anyone here thinks it’s “normal”. I think what it really boils down to is a lack of similar products. I was very vocal indeed with my experience, then realized there wasn’t another product to buy(and I looked into all those I could find). In the end, I just decided to go completely manual with the box (minus drain and fill functions), and since doing so, I’ve had no issues. But to each their own. I don’t judge :+1::v: