Grobo Needs a New Home! [Resolved]


I have a gently used Grobo Premium (Only gone through 2 cycles), and unfortunately I am moving and cannot bring the Grobo with me. I am willing part ways with it for a reasonable amount, if interested please let me know. I live in the Toronto area and would be willing to deliver the unit if close by. The unit is in great condition, and I am sad to part ways with it, however I figured a community of people familiar with the unit may be interested in getting a second one! Feel free to send me an email at


Willing to shop to us? CT

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That’d be one hell of a shipping charge :joy:


Depends on price of unit he’s willing to part with :man_shrugging:


Email him and let me know what he wants. I’m interested in what he’ll part with it for. How much was the grobo premium, and what’s different about it?

Premium is one u have w window. They have the solid now without window which is slightly cheaper.


Can you reassign the Grobo ownership to another user? Wasn’t that a roadblock for selling a unit in the past?


Sure was. They seem to be “unable” to delete the email address associated with the unit and simply insert a new one :joy::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I was hoping someone would be interested in it from the Toronto area, would part with the unit for $700 or best offer.

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I sent a request to the Grobo team to confirm if they can delete the email as to transfer ownership of the unit.


If u figure out a shipping cost add to that I may be interested! Also if team can transfer!:call_me_hand:

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shipping to where?

Duuude I’m preettyy close to you, I might be interested for sure!

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I am just waiting to hear back from Grobo to confirm that the unit can have a “change in ownership”. I assume there must be a way to do it. I can deliver to you if you are in the GTA, or if you would like to come and see the unit first that is up to you.


@Nolan Whats your price??? I need numbers to pass it by my accountant AKA my wife.
it would be perfect for me i’m just in Ottawa. PM me if you would rather not post amounts in public.


Edit… lol just saw the price… I want it if no one else has snagged it yet.

USA ct. looks like I’ll have someone interested closer anyways now




Grobo Needs a New Home




I got a reply from Grobo. I can send them an email when the unit has been sold and they can transfer the ownership of the grobo (assign the new email address to the unit) so if anyone is still interested, please let me know.


lmk what shipping cost would be to ct?

Hello Russel,

Please let me know if you are still interested. I have spoken with the team at Grobo and they can assist with the transfer of ownership (transfer of email address associated with the unit).