Grobo for sale


There is other options , several others . Here is one for example

I for one will not try another one of these from any manufacturers for a while . Until there is a tried and tested true version .

A 2000$ box should give you years of worry free operation .

Just like any other $2000 dollar item.


I’m with you there. I’ll never buy another box. I can build a killer tent grow for less money, harvest sooner, and have much larger yields :joy::joy:




Agree with cost vs reward, only if you don’t factor in the newbie element. For $2k I’m building a large grow room with friends that’s going to allow a lot more experimentation (and product). But, if it wasn’t for this little fridge I wouldn’t have the confidence to give it a go.

Just know they aren’t all lemons. Mine hasn’t had anything but some minor connectivity problems I resolved with another Wifi node in my garage with the Grobo. “But it’s another extra”, yea and I wanted more range in my garage too. That’s the things with hobbies, they always end up costing more than you assume.


And you will spend more than you think on a grow room build as well :joy::joy::joy:. But at least it will be worth it in the end :+1::v:

Minigrowbox is a great alternative and does very well in Europe, although I am not sure if available now in US yet…

Minigrowbox is cheaper and really gets good reviews what I heard. They have chosen to first sell the box locally without any marketing and int that way thorougly testing it for two years. Recently they have started distribution in Europe with a fully tested product.
It has about the same inner dimensions as Grobo, but the box itself is much smaller and 100% stealth. People like its built quality and grow results (more than 2Oz real dry harvest achieved by ‘real’ growers (-:).


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No thanks :joy::+1::v:


Nobody wants to buy this yet ???

I half way through changing it for another mother board , and hope to god you never half to do this because it’s the biggest pain in the ass and I honestly just want my money back and at this point I’m ready to call my lawyer to get my money back !!!’

Look at this piece of shit !!!

The directions tell you to move the reservoir pot of the way but that’s impossible because there is 7 hoses holding it down .

It doesn’t move .

Then they expect you to get a Robertson screwdriver angled at that and it just strips the screw…such bs

I would like to help you out, so you don’t have to look at it anymore. Send it to me, I’ll even pay shipping!

I would get more fun making a YouTube video and burning it for the world to see then give it away for free lol …

Bottom $$?? Your in Canada?

Yes sure . Where you at ?

USA. PM me your bottom $$

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I’m in USA. If price is right, also willing to consider taking it. PM though

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