How’s it growin, Growers?
How do you germinate with your Grobo? Do you just add the seed to the coco pod? Do you wrap the seed up in a wet paper towel? Or is there another way that I don’t even know?


I usually germinate in the damp paper towel in a dark place. Germination inside of the grobo when you pop the seed in definitely works. But way too slow for me, it takes almost 2 weeks. I’d do it outside and then gently place tap root into pod and cover it with the piece you tear off. Make sure you pre soak the pod in distilled or RO water. Works every time. Good luck with your grow :call_me_hand:t6:


I soak my seed in distilled water over night then I stick the side with the white speck down into the coco pod.
Everyone has there own way of germinating, hope you find what works best for you. Share as much as you can so allgrowers can help you with your grow!



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