First Thoughts

Well, so far so good, I’ll put a few points out there that I like already.

-the unboxing process which I unfortunately didn’t record was flawless. The side of the box which has that nifty rear line was awesome and made the unboxing super simple compared to the beta packaging
-new door seals aren’t too shabby, I do notice there’s light leakage on each side of the door so I’m gonna fill the gaps myself
-the new hose placement into the water reservoir is a good improvement
-new fluid glass is way more superior to the beta version
-the secondary fan is a great addition to the unit, maybe want to work something into the grow recipes that keep it off (if possible) until the upper space air circulation is needed when a plant gets tall enough. It’s slightly louder than I expected so I’ll be looking into ways to dampen the fan noise.

I’m only two days into starting my first grow of basil and have a ways to go. The setup was very simple and straightforward. Looking forward to seeing others first thoughts as they receive their grobo units.

Had a minor issue which I resolved myself fairly easily which I won’t discuss unless permitted.

Let me know where I should post these if this is the wrong forum for this type of discussion/review.


@bjorn Nice videos looking forward to see more. I was wondering how the drying process works with the box. Can you hang it upside down inside in box itself or is drying something you need to do externally? Maybe a drying video next? :eyes:

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Thanks @Daniel for sharing your thoughts here, we’re happy you like the improvements that were made!

@Smoove - Awesome idea on the drying video. We can dry in the Grobo and are just putting the finishing touches on our system for hanging the flower. Within the next month or so it will be ready and we can do a video then!


@bjorn will above drying iterations be made available on all units moving forward or will that just be something used internally?


It’s designed to be an add-on since not all plants require drying. Once it’s ready we will make it available in our store!

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@bjorn and how much will this “add-on” cost?

We have not yet set a price on it as we are still finalizing our design and manufacturing procedures.

Once it’s ready and has a price, we will certainly make an announcement!

Any updates so far that you can provide to us so far? Can you disclose the minor issue you experienced and how you resolved it? How has the unit operated for you overall since starting your grow?


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Hello?..I’m concerned that we’ve had nothing but crickets within this section. Can someone post some positive updates or delivery posts? I would have definitely imagined more updates now that units have been going out.


I was expecting the same…


Hey @Daniel

We haven’t heard much of an update from you and it seems that you are the only one who has come out to confirm their Grobo unit has arrived, so I’m hoping you can provide us with an update of your Basil grow!

How has the Grobo been performing after a few weeks of use?

Have you experienced any additional issues/errors/application issues?

Any pictures you can provide of your grow?

After having the unit running has the noise issue corrected itself or has it continued to be a burden?

Weekly maintenance, can you speak on your personal amount of time you spend attending to the Grobo for maintenance, nutrient adjustments, water, etc.?

LED lighting, performed as advertised, any dimming issues? Brighter than you expected, performing just as you expected, not performing as you’d hoped?

As for the application itself, how is the flow? When searching through the menu is it easy to understand, any troubles not having certain recipes?

Sorry for all the questions, but you are the only one who openly came here and confirmed you received the unit and I know I’m not alone in wanting to know updates and information from you, the entire community would love to hear something. Plus I’m pretty sure @Bjorn is tired of me asking him all my questions about the Grobo! :wink:

In all seriousness, I’m excited that you received your Grobo! I would just love to hear more about your experience so far and any tips/tricks that you can lend to me for when I finally get my hands on my Grobo. Looking forward to your response!



Hi @Rich ,

I’m happy to help answer some of these questions.

Daniel’s Grobo One experienced a WiFi issue a few weeks ago and went offline. It is one of a few Grobo Ones which experienced this problem. This, in the history of 3 years of developing the Grobo One, is something we have never seen before. We have spent the past month working with the manufacturer and consultants to address this issue and ensure that it doesn’t affect anyone else in the future.

We now have some good (if not great) news: we’ve found a reliable solution to the issue and are in the process of wrapping up testing to make sure that this problem never occurs again :+1:

Once the solution is confirmed, we will fix Daniel’s unit and apply the software update to all other Grobo Ones so that nobody else goes through this. Daniel has been phenomenally helpful to us as we worked to understand what happened and I’m sure he’ll have exciting updates again shortly :smiley:

As for the lack of customers posting here, we hope we’ve created a space where people can share their experiences and share photos of their grows. But due to the legalities around cannabis, many customers are hesitant to share. As more units ship, we anticipate a more open community in AG

Hope that helps Rich. If you have anymore questions please feel free to reach out. I’m pretty knowledgeable about the Grobo One




Hi @Chris

Thanks for providing some input and clarification to some of my questions.

Regarding the WiFi issue, how many Grobo Ones are we actually talking about here? Can you provide a little more insight as to what this WiFi issue consists of?

How many weeks out are you from completing the updated software? Will units expected to ship out this month have the updated software or will there be a period between before the software is available for download?

The lack of posts are still very concerning no matter the sensitivity of what the user is growing. Folks can simply confirm they have received their units and provide very broad updates and yet we don’t have that. You can continue to push more folks will continue to share but as the weeks have gone on since the first units have gone out not one person has come on this forum (the place the Grobo users are told to share without fear/judgement). This is my personal belief, but what do I know, I’m just a customer!

I appreciate your help Chris, I will surely be in touch if I need anything!



Hello @Rich,

In terms of the WiFi issues that I mentioned in my last post we’ve experienced a 20% failure rate. However, this software update has thwarted the issue and all units we were capable of updating remotely have been updated. All other units are now in the process of being updated. Essentially, the problem consisted of our chip’s OEM not including circuit protection in the case of the Grobo One losing power. We were able to solve the problem in software which was very good news on our end

Results are looking promising so far with our bug fix, but we continue to monitor so that it never happens with any users receiving units in the future. We hope to be wrapping up the testing next week.

We would love for people to be posting to AG, but it’s personal and many people do not participate in forums. We do, however, hope to see more being shared soon




Hi Rich!

Looks like others have filled you in. Same boat here. Thankfully they found the issue out and were able to pluck my unit out of the loading dock before DHL picked up my unit.

Bjorn’s been incredibly transparent with me in what’s going on, to which I’ve been very thankful for.

Should have my unit in hands by next week or two.



Glad to hear they caught your Grobo in time! Have they given you an idea once it has been confirmed shipped how long you can expect to wait for delivery?

Bjorn is hands down the best. The man is as transparent as he can be and I truly appreciate that. He’s beyond patient with me and my questions, he gives me an honest answer whether or not its going to be what I want to hear.

I’m invested in this company for the long haul, I’ve waited this long and I can wait a few more weeks! Updates will be a regular thing from me so expect to see floods of posts once I get my Grobo!


You and me both brotha!

I’m not certain how long it will take to ship… but estimates of my location and that of the Grobo headquarters, I’m estimating a week (maybe 2) at tops baring shipping errors… which I hope I don’t encounter! (I have a bad history with DHL.)

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Thanks @Rich and @SterlingNico! You guys are awesome at pushing us to be transparent and being supportive!

We owe everyone an update and explanation of the wifi issues, repairs and next steps. The problem has been fully solved and we’re working to catch up again. We’re hoping to have the update out by early next week!

The day has finally arrived, here’s the first photos of the replacement and meeting Bjorn was fantastic. My eyes are tired right now or I’d write a lot more, but I’ll say that I’m super pleased with this product and @Rich… I’m sure you’ll be just as ecstatic as I am. Can’t wait to provide a lengthier follow up to this and hopefully the next pictures will be of the basil sprouting. Seeds are in and growing is underway. Looking forward to lots of fresh basil. Chat soon fellow growers. Lots more to come.

Thank you so much Bjorn, had a great discussion with you from my girlfriend and I, we can’t wait to update everyone on the progress to come.


Looks beautiful!! What are you going to grow first?