First grow- why are these leaves brown? :(

Hey guys, been a while so here are some updated pics! She finally stopped getting taller, had to push coco pod through the reservoir. I just extended flower a couple days ago. I notice my buds on top are “better” than the lower canopy. Anyways, how much longer do you guys thing I have?


Maybe 3 to 4 weeks. Maybe 2 if your lucky. Looks good
Try and make sure most buds are getting lots of light


Ay @Devin_Porter glad to see she hung in there! Can you send a pic of the whole plant? I am curious to see how she’s turned out :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good though.




What a girllll! :slight_smile: Looks nice man!

It looks like you did some good defoliation along the way too from what I can tell.

At this point, if she stopped growin upwards and you keep her out of the light, you just gotta be patient and wait to reap the benefits! I’m really glad to see things are working out for you.

One of the bigger concerns to be worried about at this stage is humidity, just keep that in mind. You wanna shoot for 30-40% RH, the lower the better, because this will help prevent any mold issues as well! 45% can be do-able, but once you hit above that on the regular, especially at night time, it can lead to some issues.

Looks like a good amount of bud sites there, and pretty awesome penetration down through the plant as far as I can see. Props!


  • (You Will Have A Variety Of Bud-Sites On Your Girl In A Few Weeks): (Trichomes Will Ripen At The Top Way Before The Ones At The Bottom): (You Can [Opt] To Cut The Ones On Top Off Later First -Then- Let The Lower Ones Ripen up):

- - -


  • (With The Looks Of Your Flowers You Could Extend [Flower] A Week At A Time Until More Pistils Are Amber): (With Your Close-Up-Shots It’s Hard To See If It Is Milky -Or- Clear Trichomes I’m Seeing):


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Good luck! You may have 2 harvests from this one plant :grin:


Although I don’t always reply to every comment, I read and appreciate all of the help I’ve received. Hopefully onne day I’ll be able to help someone else!

It wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t have a question haha so here’s the story. Currently waiting on my microscope to get here tonight so I can inspect the trichomes I’m on day 38/38 of flower and I don’t know if I should extend it or let it go into flush! I’ve extended twice already, the top canopy is definitely more developed than the lower. I heard on here that I could possibly have two harvest from this plant but that seems kind of difficult to me, being that this is my first grow. Literally wouldn’t know where to start.

The picture of the trichomes is the best I could get on my iPhone 12 Pro. 10x zoom, that’s from top canopy! Also when I go into flush will the lower canopy still develop more or is it just like dead weight I should cut off? Lol thanks for any help! Sorry I’m so scatter brained :crazy_face:



Hey man, she’s lookin good!

The pic of the trichomes is hard to tell honestly, more or less a guessing game for me honestly Maybe someone else can have a better eye or more XP to tell…

I would re-post when you get the microscope to check.

The lower stuff though I would keep it, don’t get rid of it… those are going to always be less ripe than the top stuff due to the light exposure… But at this point, just use them for extraction, edibles, etc. along with your sugar leaves after harvest.

The plant looks like it’s getting close though. Trichomes will be the only true indicator

Also, yea I’ve heard you can chop the top stuff off and let the lower stuff ripen after, but that is gonna be tough because you’re gonna want to probably use your Grobo for the drying process… so you would have no where to dry the top stuff while the rest sits in there.


Love everything you said! I’m getting excited- my apartment smells wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They’re on the bottom if it keeps going up then u got a pest 🪳🦟 or fungus problem

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@Merle_Carsten Thank you but I’m confused on what you were replying to, could you extrapolate?

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The bottom ones are so close to the dirt or Coco and the 1st leaves almost always do look funky but if it continues to climb up you need pest control or fungus and possibly root But I think your doing fine. It looks healthy except for the bottom.


My Purple Rain is getting ready to flower. Her smell is getting stronger… That’s the first sign there ready…

Top pick was 2 weeks ago
2nd picture was 4 days ago


I’m excited to see these zoomed in trichs!


Hey guys I’m about to harvest but Grobo is sold out of the support racks for drying. What alternatives do I have to choose from? @Todd.grobo @OrionsCeiling @vegetato @Chad_Johnson


Anything you can use to string across will work. The drying racks are essentially two magnets and a metal wire. You will likely need 3-ish and just stagger them so none are touching each other.


Yeah anything magnet like. Close pins hold the plant well too


I just bought some magnet hooks and plant plastic wire holdbacks on Amazon. They were pretty cheap and I had them in 2 days if you’re in a hurry.


DAY 111- Harvest :green_heart: