First Grow: Red Poison

Good lord those purples are amazing !

Lower night time temperatures are typically what can coax out the Anthocyanins in the plant as well as genetic disposition

What a great plant it’s turning out to be !

The fungus gnats are annoying but neem oil will make them lazy and dumb and stop reproducing so it should take care of them.

Sticky traps for flies can do wonders as well, look into those to trap the suckers. You can attach them with magnets inside the Grobo if needed.


Luckily I ordered organic neem oil last night on Amazon after reading your first reply @OrionsCeiling - so thanks for that! It should be here today.

The weird thing is I opened the door this morning and I’m not seeing any flies now. I’m still going to spray the plant down just in case. I saw about 8-10 flies last night and none this morning.

What’s the ratio of neem oil to water? And I was reading that I need to add a few drops of soap? Should I do that too?

And gross about the miracle grow.

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Thank you @pyromancy! I can’t believe the colour of this plant. The stems are red too when you look close enough. It’s starting to smell sooooo good. For my first grow I’m blown away by how well this plant is growing.

I generally keep my condo pretty cool. I turn off the heat completely at night, so maybe that has something to do with it?

I can definitely pick up some fly traps too. Thanks for the tips!

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At this stage in your grow (Flower), the application of Neem oil should be limited or avoided. Neem has been linked to CHS

An alternative, less effective but safer method is IPM Sticky Cards

If you do choose to use Neem, please use at your own risk:

  • also required for Neem application: non anti bacterial dish soap.
  1. Follow the bottle directions for mixing ratio.

  2. Mix into bowl and apply with Q-Tips or Napkin to effected areas.

  3. Avoid flowers, limit use.

  4. Avoid skin contact!


Hey @drewcmpbll thanks for the tips and links! I just ordered the sticky tape. The flies seem to be gone today (or maybe they’re just hiding).


Little buggers! All great advice from @OrionsCeiling @pyromancy too.

Keep us updated Holly!


Thanks I will!


Update: the sticky tape and bowl of neem oil have killed all the flies.

Now I’m just patiently waiting for the trichomes to turn cloudy and amber. I’ve extended the flowering phase 2x now.


Nice looking plant and purple buds! Looks like most or all of the pistils have changed to orange color and curled up. That’s a good sign that you are near harvest.

Do you have a 60x or higher loupe or something to view trichs?


Yes I do! They are just starting to turn cloudy. If I go into flush, will this still allow them to change to amber?

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It can be a bit tricky trying to time out the ripening of the trichomes and when to flush/harvest. I personally think we only need to flush for 3-4 days in the Grobo since it’s a dwc hydroponic system.

I switched to Flush once I started to see the first sprinkling of amber trichs showing. Keep checking the trichs daily and you will get a feel for how quickly she is ripening up. I’m assuming you are looking for more of the uplifting type of effect rather than sedative.

Edit: Sorry I didn’t answer your question originally! Yes, the plant will continue to ripen and the trichs will get more amber even in the Flush stage.

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That makes sense. This graphic actually makes it really helpful to tell what “cloudy” looks like.

I’m not too concerned about the effect. I like to strains on hand for sleep and daytime use.

Thanks for clearing that up!


Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I grew myself these flowers.

Also look at these roots. My mind is blown.

More pictures coming soon, but had to share these first.


Hey @HNM it looks great! Congratulations on your first harvest! The purple buds look yummy!


Thank you! I can’t believe my first plant turned out this well.


Wow what an amazing Valentine’s gift for yourself! haha
She’s so purple! You did a great job, congrats!


Thank you!


First grow harvest pictures :grin:

I’m so happy with my decision to buy a Grobo. I love this strain — perfect for weekend walks with the pup.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared so much helpful advice and provided answers to my newbie questions. This community is awesome.


Absolutely gorgeous, wonderful photography! Glad you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. Such a good feeling to be able to consume your own product


Awesome! Looks delicious! It is quite satisfying to enjoy one’s harvest