First Grow - Rainbow Punch - Clone

So a friend of mine and I were a little antsy to get growing and our seeds were going to be delayed 3-5 weeks, so we decided to grab a local clone (no seeds available in San Diego, who knew?), and give it a whirl.

We set the unit up in my garage in SoCal, which admittedly this is the absolute worst time to grow in there. Humidity will hang around 50% but temp will vary between 75-95.

We setup the unit with RO water, and hooked it up while soaking the coco pod. Once we got the clones roots exposed we cut the coco pod through it’s radius all the way through (straight down- next time I might try and spiral). Then, we slid the coco pod over the stem of the clone with just a little bit of the roots exposed below the pod. (Sorry, we don’t have pics. Again, we were antsy)

3 days later she’s looking ok, factoring in some shock. The roots poking out of the bottom are longer than when we started and the roots out of the side are all new; the spreading of the pod is also showing roots pushing through.

7 days later (Day 10) and we have some signs of struggle. We have seen some small bugs flying around, not sure exactly what they are. The new growth on top is looking good, and the roots are definitely coming through more now. We’re in a tense waiting period knowing most things are working against us.

Day 21 and we had done some pruning of the completely dead fan leaves (2-3). We’re still seeing struggle up top but growth below. Bugs are less but still present. We still don’t have seeds to replace with, and we’re barely using any electricity or water, so we keep on waiting.
[Note: We also realized we put the wrong email in, so the first water change wasn’t until 14 days (we did have 1 top off in between).]

Day 27 and she’s now showing some improvements. Very few bugs left.

Day 31 we bend

Day 36 she’s doing great, no signs of issues yet and just one or two little bugs flying around. Topped her today.

Day 41 we installed the chiller and got the water down to 64 degrees. Simultaneously did some light pruning of some large fan leaves from the top covering the right side. Cleared some low dead leaves as well.


Nicely done!!:ok_hand:


It really doesn’t look like you are getting much in the way of bubbles going in the res. Is it bubbling or just barely? You should see bubbles pretty much all across the top. Also if you have something like revive from advanced nutrients, is suggest you use that as well. Also some beneficial bacteria, I use thus with great results in both the box and in my soil grow.

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It seems to be having enough bubbles so far. In the 3rd pic it’s keeping the bottom of the white panel wet from splashing, and the coco pod has been moist the entire team, even in the heat. Roots look strong and white (hard to check them with the cables being used for bending- will find a better way next grow), no signs of rot even with the high water temp until yesterday. I had her completely exposed (and should have grabbed pics) and saw no issues or smelled anything foul.

Any other reason to think it’s not being oxygenated enough?

Going to definitely look into supplemental nutrients for the next grow from seed. Any reason I should start now?

Thanks for the feedback, all!

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Shit yeah, never to late to add nutes, esp beneficial bacteria. Only other piece of advice I could give you at this time is maybe you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your roots. An external pump and another internal air stone can’t hurt. But keep some hydroguard at the ready just in case you do start to develop root rot. She is looking much healthier though! :+1::v:

Good to know. I’ll start gather some nutes over the next few weeks. Pump will probably be a next-grow investment, which won’t hurt too much as I can recycle the parts for a future d2w or dwc.

Glad to hear others say she’s looking better.

Air stone and pump are really cheap! Nutes aren’t at the outset. I’d suggest getting a simple two or three part grow, bloom, micro to begin with and just add the recharge every feeding too. Keep it simple in the beginning, and try to grow the same strain several times until you understand when she “speaks” to you. You will undoubtedly learn a great deal and become a better grower, faster than if you do otherwise. Also take say 5-10 clones from that plant before you flip to flower so you’ll have the same strain ready after you harvest :+1::v::joy:

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First Grow - Rainbow Punch - Clone

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Halfway through late veg. Going to lollipop tomorrow or Monday. Debating if I need to add a week before flower. Going to see if she can get to within 1-2 inches of the top fan. Purple Punch and Rainbow Punch are supposed to be pretty short, so not too concerned about stretch at that point. Roots are still looking good, chiller is putting in work, and temp is hovering between 80-90 with 50% humidity in the garage.

Any advice? Switch to flower next week or extend it out? Should I lollipop a little closer to flower, and then let her ride?


I’d extend another week and wait to lollipop till first day of transition :call_me_hand:


Going to transition next week. Did some pruning and bending to get a better even canopy. Going to see what bud sights look like when it goes into transition before deciding what to lollipop.


3 days into transition:

Here she is today:

Should I be pruning a bit more of the foliage in the center? I’ve been hesitant to cut off fan leaves, but with the bending I’m taking up a lot of space. Thoughts?

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She’s looking good at the end of transition starting week 1 of flower in the morning. Was out of town for about 36 hours and she developed the starts of what looks like nutrient burn. Opened a ticket with support and doing a drain/fill tonight, hopefully it’ll be a small issue. Going to keep using hydroguard and wait to hear more before I give the 2nd dose of Big Buds. @Osage @Stephen ?


Go ahead and feed as per the directions on the bottle, but only 1/2 strength :+1::v:


3 week flower defoliation complete. Bud sights are looking good, and everything is getting as much light as we can. Went with Osage’s recommendations and dosing 6ml hydroguard with half the dosage (9ml) of Big Buds.


Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Rh need to go up and temp needs to go down. Rh 50-65% temp 80~ :+1::v::man_dancing:

See OP; growing in the garage and fully acknowledge the terrible environmentals. All in, surprised she’s doing so well.

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