First Grow - Rainbow Punch - Clone

Seeing some more spotting on the leaves, this time not just on the tips. Started right after a drain and fill. Should I give it another drain/fill without hydroguard?


Almost looks like ull be ok during flowering that can happen

Borderline Calcium deficiency?

Getting a little worse, still 4 weeks of flower left. Topped it off with RO today.



I’m thinking she still has ~a week or so until I should start the flush. Trying to get just a slight bit of amber heads to really make her put you into the couch. Any of the pro’s want to weigh in?


Hard to say. Have you checked the chart? Due to the pics not being equally clear I would say half clear but, you’ll need a champ to chime in on this one. Maybe @Rich and @Osage.


Yep, I just don’t trust my eyes yet! :joy::face_with_monocle:

and I want to show her off a little bit.

I bookmarked that chart after the first time I saw you post it.


I like how thorough you are. Shows your heart is really in it. I text for help so I’m sure you’ll get more replies soon.

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Yeah, I’d say that’s about right. In a week, in ~1/2 or so trics turn cloudy, then I’d start flush. I like to start flush a tad early as you tend to get more of a psychoactive high, as compared to waiting longer and you get a more body high. But that’s just me. I know a couple people will state that they have to disagree, but to those folks, again to each their own!! It’s part of a growers preference, and there really is no one right way…just a little food for thought, that :joy::joy::+1::v::exploding_head:


I’d go 1-2 weeks. Whatever you are comfortable with. Plant is looking great :+1:t3:


Perfect. I’m in the right ballpark since I’m trying to get a bit more body high for pain out of this one. I’ll drop pics once the flush starts. Thanks!