First Grow - MK Ultra (ILGM) **HARVESTED 249 Grams**

That’s pretty awesome, I definitely can use that with IFTT and SmartThings or Alexa to automate the environment conditions. Going to add that to my wishlist, thanks SWSVIC!


That fish ph monitor ! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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New Grow Journal - MK Ultra (Generic Hybrid Recipe) - Transferred to a new grobo unit

Late Vegetation (Day 1 / 8)

I pruned her early this morning and transferred her into the new grobo that arrived. So glad its dent free! I also noticed that the window tint is now blue and its much harder to see inside the grobo through the fluid glass.

When I filled her this time, I did not PH the water to allow the grobo PH it and verify its working. The grobo took the PH down to 6.1 then it climbed back up to 6.4 and now sitting between 6.2-6.3. I only used 5ml of hydroguard with my fill only this time around.

After setting up the chiller, calibrated my grobo probes, and added an extra airstone, I transplanted MK over to the new grobo and tied her back down.

I also saw this PH drift problem/solution chart on a thctalk forum and thought it was pretty useful and helped me understand PH drift more.


Double topped her 2 days ago and her new shoots are emerging

Late Vegetation (Day 4 / 8)

2 Days ago



Great job transitioning to the new Grobo. Doesn’t even look like u skipped a beat :love_you_gesture:t2:- that chart u posted… can provide the link? Thanks


Thanks, she bounced back after 1 day of transplanting and been going strong since. I am loving the new grobo replacement, everything is working perfectly.

Here is the links where I got that chart from:

That guy Woody J is like a champion over there on thctalk


Great find and really good stuff from the link u posted.

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Agreed, great articles :+1::+1:

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Late Vegetation (Day 5 / 15)

She’s starting to get pretty bushy and responding well to all the LST shes gone through.
I’m planning on putting on a scrog and do some pruning this Friday.


I found one of these suckers in the grobo today and took it out. Anyone know what it is? Looks like a fruit fly but I’m not sure. Ordered some neem oil just in case

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Looks like they are fruit flies


Use sticky traps to try and remedy the issue first. I found some single sided ones that I affixed to the grobo walls using small magnets. This will aid you in monitoring the issue so you can better determine if it’s isolated or if it’s infested prior to taking more dramatic steps toward remediation.


Keeping an eye on it, so far its just 1, I’ll add a DIY fruit fly trap in there (small bottle with dish soap and vinegar) just in case. Actually I’ll leave it out side the gobo, dont want to attract more inside of the grobo lol

also just purchased the sticky paper, thanks

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Late Vegetation (Day 10 / 15)

Installed the scrog, hoping to use this to slow down the more dominant branches so the rest can catch up.


Looking good Vic, great light penetration and greener than ever! Boy is she going to stretch! :star_struck:


Late Vegetation (Day 14 / 15)

As I’m working to manage the dominant branches and bending them so the smaller branches can catch up, it reminds me of the song Rush the Trees

I am planning on extending late veg for another week after my nute change tomorrow.

Tie down part 2.




Good work :muscle:


Late Vegetation (Day 17 / 22)

Did a water change, cleaned her up a bit, evened out the remaining branches in their correct positions and extended late veg again before letting her grow. Pruning is sort of like popping bubble wrap, I need to remind myself not to go too far.

Then some light penetration touch ups


Hey @Vicc where did you get that dope scrog net?? What are you using to tie everything?


@Smudgefam, I am using this rack that everyone else on AG got on amazon. I cut out some of the bars so that the openings are 2x2". You can get away without needing to cut it like I did.

And these are the type of garden ties that I am using

I am also using magnetic hooks and support racks from the grobo shop.

You can substitute the support racks with magnetic hooks and garden wire