1st grow, pineapple express

7 days


Definitely a good strain for the Grobo. I will be finishing up in a few weeks with some Pineapple Express. U can check out my thread if u want too. Just be careful and make sure you do some LST early because she is a stretcher!! Good luck with yours!!


I’m a newbie

The basics of LST involves bending (without breaking/fracturing) stems and tying them down the way you want them to be, for instance, you can spread your plant out and tie them all to seperate corners of the Grobo to keep the branches low for a few days and thicken up, and also in turn have much more access to light. After a few days to a week (ish) the branches will now be stronger and will actually be trained to the shape you wanted them to, and will no longer try to break free of their ties. This can help keep a plant trained lower to the ground to better take advantage of indoor grow spaces, and in turn, being horizontal, a branch will now be exposed along it’s side which will allow off-shoot branches to receive the light they need and become new potential colas.

Here’s a website frequented by a lot of users here that makes things very easy to understand.

Here’s a couple pics of LST used in the Grobo just from a quick search and from one or two I remembered seeing before:

Notice the way the plant is trained to be a certain shape, starting by keeping the branches spread out and horizontal at first, which will turn into “towers” of growth from those spots that are now getting all the love and light they need. Also notice the thickened branches.

Here’s an example of extreme LST and training that always sticks in my head. It’s a pic from reddit that had an insane amount of upvotes… all growers can agree this is one hell of a beast:

LST, combined with a SCRoG (SCReen Of Green) method:

And you can have a super trained and spread out plant!

One problem though, the Grobo allows little room for horizontal training. A very little, but not much.


Thank you, very helpful!

My head is spinning a little, but I’m looking forward to learning.


Check this video out sometime if you’re bored… save it for later maybe! It’s really cool. Good way of explaining various forms of supercropping and also LST

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