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ok thanks for the tips and info appreciate it :+1:

When I plant a new seed i always saturate it with Orca, and pretty much feed a few drops of Orca every day. Since I started doing this I’ve had 100% germination. Living more than a month is a totally different story.

Hey flexers,

The wife approved a 4x4 space reserved for my tent at the home. Thanks to you guys, I decided to dive into flora flex as well, I think I seen a bunch of discount codes from promoters on IG. I am brand new at all this grow tent and flora flex stuff.

Are there any recommendations as for equipments or light brands that you would suggest before I dive in?

I found a gorilla lite 4x4 for $200 so ill probably go with that.


@Mpower11, @chris_barfield, if I reached the goal of properly bringing my EC to a 1.3 after everything is mixed up how do I get the PPM to go up without changing my EC?
EC at 1.3 &. PPM at 6.30

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depending on the meter you have you might not be able to raise one without changing the other

650 sounds right for 1.3EC, the chart on this page might help to illustrate:
PPM vs EC - Dutch Master Nutrients

the meters will measure one of those (EC .50 or .64 usually) and do a conversion to give the other value (PPM), so changing one will always change the other with that style of meter.


Welcome aboard…

I personal don’t like my Gorilla tent… I dislike the zipper system on it… Also super overpriced… I’m going to be selling my Gorilla tent

I think you need to start with the question how do you want it?

Example… Media, How many plants, How to vent, Drip system / Hand water? / how do you want to collect leach… etc

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If you raise the EC it will raise the PPM also…

Reason is your measuring the same thing just in different units…

Example Gas… 1 gallon of Gas is = 3.78 Litres same answer different units

Try adding some unfiltered tap water, if it has chlorine in it let it sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate.

That’s what I thought! So how are you guys getting a higher ppm like 1400 etc… With a 1.3 EC?

When I am mixing up 4 gallons, I typically use 3 gallons of distilled water with 1 gallon of 50/50 tap water/filtered water.

Thanks for the chart!!! :eyes::seedling:

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How many ppm and ec does that come out to?
A better question is what range do you try to stay at during flower vs veg?

Honestly I don’t check PPM, I focus on pH and EC. When I check my tap water with my dissolved solids meter it measures around 120, which is on the high end of normal for consumption. Which is why I add some to the mix, helps Cal-Mag bind.

My plant looks a bit dark and funky!
What fo you guys think?
Plus the roots are busting all over the place probably because they were sitting in the red tubs and during feed the tubs will have water in them until I empty them the next day, so I’m taking the tubs out for now.


The roots look healthy, but you can see the water line on the feet of the pot. Probably not a good thing having the roots sitting in stagnant runoff. I bet they return to healthy looking in a couple days.


Thanks @Mpower11

Do you have any other recommendations as for tents? The one I found was 4x4 and only $200 it seemed reasonable since it was priced the same as some of the budgeted ones the hydro store had. Seemed like they couldn’t get rid of the 4x4 sizes.

I have goals of growing 6 plants but I think I will start with 3 first.

For flora flex configurations am planning on using rockwool with the drip tray on top. As to my understanding you want to keep the leach around to 10-15% with rockwool. Will probably start with hand feeing until I can get all the measurements down and the water pump and manifold timing down. I am planning on buying a flood drain bin and use it as drain to waste. I have not thought about leach collection trays yet either, if you also have a recommendation for that as well.

Venting I thought it would be the conventional carbon filter exhaust and fan intakes via induct fans. I am planning to cool the room which is also the office where I do my remote work with a heat exchanger.

Light, I am thinking Mars to hydro 2000 (unless there are better recommendations out there, I am a noob and just getting by with Google searches)

Budget isn’t really much of an issue but I would like the money to go much further.

As for automation I was just planning on using merros smart plugs (since I already have them and their hygrometer with push) that have running timers aftet I get the leach levels dialed in.

Environment automation I am planning on using merros with all the smart plugs connected and IFTTT for any custom automation that ill need to write my self.


Got my 4x4 for 80 bucks on Amazon … the tent is not what you should be spending those on they all do the same


Thanks ill probably budget the tent as well since it doesn’t make much of a difference. Would rather put the money towards the lights

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Here’s the other part of my drain setup. The left tray drains into this tray which then drains into the runoff bucket.


Those trays are pretty slick. Since I’m using rockwool, I saw these Grodan dutch leach trays which seems to work very similar and seem cost efficient