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Cal mag water to .3 before adding flora flex got it.

I woke up to add nutrients to the 2 1/2 gal of water I put in yesterday to flush and the pump emptied the entire 2 1/2 gal into the plants.
Not sure why but now I’m afraid to refill and add nutes because I dont know how this happened. @Mpower11 remember when you asked me about the bottom flow for the pump? I installed it, do you think that’s what did it? Maybe I did it wrong?


It looks like you installed it correctly. All that part does is let you suck closer to the bottom of the pale/tank. Not sure what you mean by “what did it”

On a side note… Girls are looking better from what I can tell from the picture… New growth looks happy

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For nutes I would just keep it simple for now

Cal/Mag to 500 Ec (or 300 Ec your call)
V1 and V2 until 1400 Ec (V1 first then V2 equal parts)
SFL-100 (What ever the rate is)
Adjust PH 6.0

Here is a question when is the last time your calibrated your PH and EC probe? Is it possible it off?

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I haven’t been using it at all. I wasnt even sure what caused the burn but it might have been the light.

Update: Found the problem!
I had the clear ring on wrong!

Right way…


Ok I changed the white ring and hopefully the water will not totally dump into the pots again.

2 1/2 gallons of water.
My water EC was 0
Added cal mag until .3 ( went to .4 and had to add a bit more water to get it down to .3) which made it more like 2 3/4 gallons of water.
Added 1 tsp of V1 then 1tsp V2. Only gave me 900ppm
Added 1/2 more V1 then 1/2 more V2 gave me 1030ppm
Next time I think 1 1/4 tsp of each might be closer to 1000ppm.
Added 2 tsp SLF-100 gave me 1050ppm
This is where I stopped for now.
Next drain and fill I will take ppm higher.

Just finished day 14 … smh one more week till strip … for reference the strawberry gauvas in the back are my height and I’m 6ft tall … stretch isn’t even done yet ugh… this is what happens when you veg too long …

I’m feeding ec 1.3 seven times daily at 25 second shots … ph is 5.9 and I’m in the six inch floraflex pots… shit is so bushy in there I can even see my floraflex bubblers and irrigation system lmao…

I plucked a fan leaf that was the size of my forearm yesterday


Ooohhh weeee! Now that’s a crop! Life goals to get my EC and nutes right so they look that good! :seedling::trophy::eyes::medal_sports:


When in doubt go
Lower ec and feed more often … so if your running 1.6 ec go down and feed twice a day…

You can’t overwater coco your basically flushing it every time you feed out with old nutrients in with new … I never really go over 1.3 ec ever all I do is add more fertigation events coco should remain 85-90 percent wet

Remember coco is still hydroponics

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How do you keep your ec so low?
I tarted out with .3 cal mag water
Only added1 1/2 teas of v1 & v2
Plus 2 teas of SLF- 100
and ended up with 2.1 ec
And 1050 ppm

Do I just add more water to lower it and will ppm be too low?


Instead 1.5 tsp use only one if it’s too low go up by 1/4


You could also add more water if you like


Chris looking like fire bro!!!

And I totally agree on the low Ec feed. :+1:


I have found that 1 gram of V1 & 1 gram of V2 per gallon will bring the EC to between 1.2 - 1.3 (including 0.3 EC for Cal-Mag).


You must use a scale instead of a measuring spoon.

Due to only mixing 4 gallons max, it’s easier for me to calculate how much to use by weighing it.


What kind of scale do you have? I bought 2 scales so far and I find both of them inaccurate

Topped 3 of the girls last night

1 plant was sowed week later

Working on getting my temp up a bit



Accuracy isn’t a huge deal, just as long as the EC is where I want it when everything is mixed up.