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When I did a flush yesterday I noticed that due to the increased root density in the pot it takes 5x longer for it to drain out to the bottom. Something to be mindful of when you are flushing.

I flushed my plant 2 times yesterday, it was starting to show signs of nute burn and possible lockout. I am going to drop my EC down between 1.2 and 1.4 until I flip her to flower. It seems that anything over 1.6 isn’t making my plant happy.

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@VermontGrobo one big factor to considered also is how many ML you are applying per minute… Based on Pump size / how many plants / if your using bubblier flow reducer etc

I personally found more short cycles of water seems to work better for me than longer cycles… (I’m not saying your chart is wrong just saying my thoughts)

Right now I just started flower feeding 1.0 right now… Plants seem to love it…

An observation is since I have been foliar spraying them less nutes is needed in my feed… My magic number this grow for Ec has been 1.2… I know it sounds low but the plants seem happiest at this feed…

One more point to add is when you water more often you are always supplying fresh nutes to your plants so in my opinion high Ec isn’t needed then

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I would add fresh water to your nute tank until you drop the Ec to 1.0 then fix your Ph again


I woke up to happy plants!
The 1/8 teas of zerotol hc didnt seem to hurt them any.
I can tell that they are finally getting water through the lines at feed time!


Perfect keep us posted if you need anything

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Day 7 in flower. Got a little light burn trying to Max out / balance the 2 plants!! Other than that I’m happy so far?

My plan is not to pull anymore fan leafs now until day 21 at that time I’m going to be doing a hard trim

Any recommendations?


Day 12 of Flower!!

Pushing them hard now!! Dealing with a bit of tip burn :frowning:


Life goals!!! Looks amazing!


Ikr. I look at that and just go nooooo. But the bud always looks great.


Growing like crazy

Day 16!!!


Looks professional! :eyes::seedling::trophy:


Thanks… A few small hiccoughs on the way mostly because of all the new controls and setup I added… It’s taken a bit to understand how everything works together with each other. I’m very close to 100% dialed in.

My current problem is I need I better dehumidifier…

Any recommendations from anyone?

  1. Need to be able to auto restart after power off
  2. Needs to be able to pull RH down fast
  3. This is the biggest problem I have right now… Trolmaster turns it on but the unit has a long delay before it start… Need something that works right away after a power cycle
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Try an InkBird WiFi Humidity controller - IHC-200

It will turn on right away after the power comes back on.



Thanks for the reply

Maybe I didn’t word that correctly. I have a controller it’s works great. It tells my dehumidifier to turn on right away but my dehumidifier unit itself delays before it starts to work. Looking for a unit that doesn’t have a delay.

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Hello, @chris_barfield

I’ve just made the switch to FloraFlex from nectar for the gods. I haven’t invested in their pots/feeding system yet but do plan to in the near future.

I’m currently in 5 and 7 gallon fabric pots. I’m also using a coco pro mix. Im us-to feeding once every other day or sometimes every 2 days. I mix up my nutes in a 30 gallon tank then I hand feed with a hose attached to a sub pump. I noticed you mention that you feed multiple times a day. Considering I’m not using their feed system yet, would I still need to feed multiple times a day? Or can I continue to do things the way I’ve been doing it? I’d also mention that I drain to waste when I feed. Or am I doing it all wrong? :confused: thanks in advance.


Everybody sets their feeding time that works best for their setup, knowing what that is takes some trial and error sometimes so if you have a system that works for you stick to it until you just feel like experimenting because a lot of times what works for one setup may not be the best thing for another. Although if you’ve come to that experimental time @chris_barfield is a excellent person to ask.


Flipped to flower yesterday after a hard battle with ph and light smells in the reservoir.
She is getting better so I’m gonna start the defoliation process slowly today.
Have a lot of yellow and dead leaves to take off.
One plant did get much taller than the other so I must note that the strains will not be grown together in the future.
I also think that I am in need of a better scrog but I think the problem is the size of my tent. The scrog doesn’t spread out like a 4x4 tent, for a more even canopy.
I have been sticking with cleaning the 5 gallon reservoir out every 4 to 6 days using 1 tsp zerotol hc thanks @chris_barfield.
I also decided after some research to add less than 1/8 maybe half that in my reservoir water and truthfully its made all the difference keeping my lines clean and my plants healthy.
If I keep tackling one thing at a time maybe by next year I can have a larger tent, not to grow more but to be able to reach the back of the plant for Defoliation. I’m also looking forward to adding some new accessories next year like @Mpower11 did to get my girls to pray again.




Thanks! She’s been through a lot and I’m hoping she doesn’t dry up like the first grow before she finishes flower!


Congrats nice come back!! looking a lot better