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had to supercrop the heck out of the strawberry guavs they were basically touching the light and it’s only fat 16 stretch isn’t even done yet …


Ok starting to look better! Its time to do a trim of the under-carriage sometime soon.


Good Job!!

Looking back on track!!!


You and @chris_barfield have been my life savers!!! :pray::+1::100::handshake:


Glad to help :sunglasses:

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Sad today today.

Lost a plant from damp off…

Biggest problem is I’m not sure why it happened? I watered them so little I’m shocked it happened.

Besides over watering what causes damp off?

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The others are looking great. same environment feed everything


Were these all from the same seeds? I’ve read that some pathogens can be carried and introduced from the seeds themselves but don’t have any more info than that.

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This maybe the case because all 4 plants were treated the same.

Sowed 4 plants all different strains.

What I learned from this is in the future I think my plan is I’m going to sow 2 seeds of each and then only keep the best 4 plants…

Also for a experiment I took 3 cuttings off the damped off plant… These cuttings are super small not even sure they will make it but really just curious to see what will happen… Not expecting much so no loss if it doesn’t work out plus I’m not even sure I want a cutting off a sick plant…

Another thought, is whether or not you’re using anything like great white or mykos? If not that might be a way to help prevent.

@vegetato I didn’t add anything like that but maybe I will add some Marijane into the mix?? Need to figure out what rate I should use in res with coco

When mixing the DrMj I’ve kind of landed on adding 1g to 500mL of water and using that in 50mL increments into the res. I’ve “bombed” the res with 200mL and 400mL doses at that strength, too (the x4 and x8 doses).

Would still suggest great white for the mycos/tric boost but DrMj might do the trick too.

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ok thanks for the tips and info appreciate it :+1:

When I plant a new seed i always saturate it with Orca, and pretty much feed a few drops of Orca every day. Since I started doing this I’ve had 100% germination. Living more than a month is a totally different story.

Hey flexers,

The wife approved a 4x4 space reserved for my tent at the home. Thanks to you guys, I decided to dive into flora flex as well, I think I seen a bunch of discount codes from promoters on IG. I am brand new at all this grow tent and flora flex stuff.

Are there any recommendations as for equipments or light brands that you would suggest before I dive in?

I found a gorilla lite 4x4 for $200 so ill probably go with that.


@Mpower11, @chris_barfield, if I reached the goal of properly bringing my EC to a 1.3 after everything is mixed up how do I get the PPM to go up without changing my EC?
EC at 1.3 &. PPM at 6.30

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depending on the meter you have you might not be able to raise one without changing the other

650 sounds right for 1.3EC, the chart on this page might help to illustrate:
PPM vs EC - Dutch Master Nutrients

the meters will measure one of those (EC .50 or .64 usually) and do a conversion to give the other value (PPM), so changing one will always change the other with that style of meter.


Welcome aboard…

I personal don’t like my Gorilla tent… I dislike the zipper system on it… Also super overpriced… I’m going to be selling my Gorilla tent

I think you need to start with the question how do you want it?

Example… Media, How many plants, How to vent, Drip system / Hand water? / how do you want to collect leach… etc

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If you raise the EC it will raise the PPM also…

Reason is your measuring the same thing just in different units…

Example Gas… 1 gallon of Gas is = 3.78 Litres same answer different units

Try adding some unfiltered tap water, if it has chlorine in it let it sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate.