EC Level to High

Now that you have seen the bud,what’s happening. First photo is from yesterday with the second from today. My leaves. Will check with @Stephen and @OGJ.


Hi @greenman,

Oh no! Your EC is way too high. Your last drain and fill was great, giving you an EC of 1.3 which is fine. Your latest drain and fill is showing an EC of 3.3 which is much too high. I know from your support ticket that we have sent you a calibration kit, has it arrived yet? The system is reporting it is dosing correctly & consistently, but your EC readings are not stable.

For now we need to get the EC stable. I would drain 1/2 of the tank and then fill it back up with RO or distilled water. This will get you into a stable range that will hold you over until the calibration kit arrives.

Hang in there!



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I hope she makes it… It looks like it turned to fall in there… :scream::scream:

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Extra flavor…

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The first mention about my EC probe was on October 9. I sent photos of my probe as I could find nothing wrong. on October 12 Jason wrote that you (Grobo) was working on getting me a EC Calibration Kit. That is the last I have heard of it. Do not know if it was sent. It was never delivered anyway.

I am buying Distilled water from Safeway (Compliments brand) and have used from the start.

My D&F was on Tuesday. It filled slightly below where it normally does on High fill. Then it started asking to Top up. But it would take no water. I finally added about 5 cups by hand. Yesterday all seemed normal. Today I was asked to Top up again. I tried about 6 times before the light went green and tried to fill for about a second. It did this another time before I gave up. It took no more water and was down hardly at all.

I sent in photos which you are answering. So on your advice I drained about ½ of the tank. Then I tried to fill. It would not let me until I completely drained the tank, so finally I had to go back and drain again until it was empty. Then I could fill. I used less than ½ the water drained and added new water. The fill stopped about an inch down from where a normal High fill would be. It would not let me top up. Have left it there at the moment, but will probably have to top up by hand. Haven’t seen any nutrients dispersed yet. Some more leaves looking bad - yellower than earlier today.

Thanks for working on this for me. Even with the problems, this is all a hoot to me.



@Stephen @Chris @bruno

What @greenman above is saying is true. Once you initiate a drain through the maintenance options in the app it FORCES you to do a complete drain before you can exit the program. You can not do a partial drain and a software tweak for this would be amazing. I like to pull a little resevouir water from time to time and test my with my own measurement tools. Now I only do it at D&F times.

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Good point gentlemen. This will need to be done by hand for now. I’d scoop out a couple litres and fill with your distilled water. Your EC is better, but still a bit too high for that plant at 2.5. You can remove any of the burned leaves, as they will not recover. I’ll check on the EC calibration kit and followup with you through support.


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@Stephen, have added a couple litres of water as per suggestion. That was actually about what should have been included in the last fill to get it to the High level mark.

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the grobo is a great machine and customer support is good but this is a perfect example of why we need to see more information ourselves. if ec and ph and all the other parameters where just displayed on the app screen it would make life so much easier. going back and forth with tech support just to get an ec reading is silly. if grobo as a company thinks it will overwhelm the newbie growers than have it be an option for advanced growers. please move forward on this issue.


Hey @greenmatter, give Grobo a chance. This is a new machine that works quite well. I am sure as the days go by, new parameters will be added as they see our input about what may or may not be improvements. I am sure there are mega ideas bouncing around in their heads.


@greenmatter FTW