Humidity in the Garage

How’s my humidity doing here? I had to put the unit outside in the garage, because the smell was becoming quite strong, but I anticipate 60° to 70° until harvest. RH probably went from about 55 to 70 if I had to guess.


Humidity that high isn’t ideal, but certainly not the culprit for your leaf distress you are experiencing. Keep an eye on the buds to ensure they don’t develop any bud rot or mold. Placing a small extra fan in the unit may help remove extra moisture from the flowers.


Going to put a Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier inside the Grobo to try to keep rH around 55. Will monitor with a hygrometer.


Currently sitting at 78 degrees and 40% rH

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Those numbers are nice I like to run 79-81 at 45 percent rh