Early Germination Notice of Topping Off Water Level

Can anyone explain why we get this notice about the pod being thirsty and needing more water when in reality the system doesn’t take more water in when the fill feature is activated? It has happened to me now again with my third attempt to grow

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The notifications are generic reminders. Since we drain and fill every 7 days it sends us the reminder on the 3rd day. I really dont think they go by the sensors like they should. Better safe than sorry, with the dry air some could evaporate too.


Also because it doesn’t fill to the fill line on the first fill

I don’t think that’s the issue. It does appear to fill to the very top sensor the first time. Upon notification that the pod is dry and the fill button is activated, the pump kicks in for a second and shuts off.


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Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s just a generic reminder. I got it too but I looked under the hood and the water was getting to the coco pod. Unless you notice it drying out then no need to add more

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