Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

Wayment…how many have you grown with your Seedo thus far?:eyes: Mines is coming next week and I could use some do’s and don’ts tips…I been waiting so long I wanted to put all 5 seeds in at once then I was hearing about problems with the nutrient bottles not being enough please help!:eyes:


Best practice for emerging growers, in my opinion, are to start small and work your way up no matter the growing situation. I’d suggest starting something like white widow, or gorilla glue. They are great beginner strains, because they can take a lot of abuse and still produce. Most novice growers go from strain to strain of what others are growing, trying to replicate said grows, but start humble in your journey and you won’t be disappointed. Grow the same strain five ten times till you really get the hang of it and you will be successful :+1::v:





@Osage is on the money, and if you don’t get an answer from another, then I would ((LoveToSeeYouBeTheFirstToOpenATopic {[#SeedoGrows]}))… ((#ShowUsSomeLove))… ((#IWillWatchYouGrow))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

My guess is they want Seedo owners to suck their nutrients down like candy… :potable_water:


I I have 4 seeds in I love it Taking care of everything just have to check it Through my Cam


Yes my friend years ago I was also confusing and every day would take longer to get the unit to my home it’s making me more confused but tel I got it home and I start benefit from the technology👌

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The nutrients is enough For all the five seeds do not worry about that I have four seeds in And my next grow will be five


Is it controlling ur temp as well?? How many grows gave u done in it so far?

Yes it does everything automatic temperature air cooling watering everything almost actually it’s my first grow But I know guys who they have using it for a year and they have high success yield up to 200 her is some pics from the succeed grow Of the guys


That’s pretty cool. Not a huge yield but good enough I suppose.


Well it was his first grow I think once we learn how to use these machines we can get really large yields from them

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Your yield will be predicated on several factors, but the size of the light in and of itself will ensure yield is never more than a couple oz’s. You may be able to plant more than one plant, but the space prohibits robust growth vertically or horizontally. One would be better off focusing on one plant to get the most out of it. Just my opinion :+1::v:


Yeah I saw that I’d put 2 in there at most.

Even two would crowd it up too much. You’d have to lollipop big time and trim constantly. Only real way to get the most out of it if you do two plants might be to “mainline”. I’ve only recently been researching this method, but it would probably work. Also you’d be strictly limited to auto’s or straight indica’s. Sativa’s would out grow that space in the first month :joy:

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I mean, I don’t think you could ever grow sativa in the seedo

Maybe an auto sativa, but I doubt it, just not enough room. That’s why I was way more interested in cloudponics, but they have since gone out of business :man_shrugging:

I was looking at them too, I wish they’d shut down the site

I talked with the owner. He plans on moving forward, but apparently there are copyright issues with their nute doser or the box itself. Can’t really remember, but he did say he would be ready before now if memory serves. I’m on a mailing list when he actually does get his shit together

I see. I mean it looks great, but grobo was a strong option two. I could never get into contact with cloudponics

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For those pics if he would have bent down and focused on topping and kept the branches to a limited number and he could be good … I’m actually going to attempt to graft a few different strains in the grobo at once and see what I can do 4 different flavors off one plant sounds like a deal to me

As far as pictures in the seedo facebook group suggest users already grew succesfully a sativa strain in seedo.

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