Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

It was probably an indica dominant sativa. No way a real sativa would grow properly in such small quarters :+1::v::joy:


I just harvested a dominate sativa last night I can assure anyone it would have not fit in a Grobo or Seedo with out some serious supercroping.

There is a formula that determines how many grams/per watt you can achieve so I guarantee there is only so much you can pull out of the Seedo. I forget what they said it is 114w or 144w and this is the biggest yield hurdle. I personally would go with one plant in a Seedo too and grow it wide.

The next pictures is one plant, training can do wonders!


Love how you set it up for over watering :joy: exactly right :+1::v:Shit Glenn, you’re coming into your own now my friend!!

Where’d you get the racks?

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Oh shit Jerry,

I just wanted to point out what can be done with one plant. I wish that was my talent…

Surprised you didn’t recognize that grow, I remembered it it’s the one @Stephen pointed out from a grow diary for a Dr Grinspoons never forgot that technique.

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Oh I remember that grow, just didn’t know you were a student of that particular practice. I’ve been a bit lazy I must admit, but I think next grow will indeed be grinspoons the way you’re training yours. I’m researching other methods as I know she will be super leggy, and I want a successful grow first time round with those beens, considering what I went through to get em :joy::scream::exploding_head:


That’s what I keep saying Jerry. Maybe they will listen to you

Now that is a nice scrog

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The botanicare flood tables are really cool and can get them in all sizes … they achieve the same as the cage on the bottom …

I’m confused, maybe who will listen to me about what :joy::man_shrugging:

thats some nice fuckin training. dayum! me wants

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Please share your progress and results. :zap:


Interested in this.

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Just order me some white widow they should be here in a few days and THANKS for the advice I have heard that same exact thing from the company that sold me the seeds they said start with White Widow for amateurs like myself.

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Okay I just got my Seedo YESTERDAY im so geeked! Now my question is to you my friend seeing as though you are the ONLY other person that I know that has one and has had ACTUAL RESULTS… 1. Can I start with JUST THE SEED, without doing all this germination technique that people speak of that I don’t know how to do? :eyes: 2. Have you done any trimming, because I see those long leaves in your photos, am I supposed to cut those if and when I trim to get a bigger yield? :eyes: They said they upgraded me with 2 things of nutrients because of all the complaining that I did, so im trying to see do I use just one set for this White Widow im starting out with or do I just put the seed in and just follow the auto instructions?


Hey @Mario_Christen

I don’t have Seedo but I have been following their progression on a FB user group. Start your grow I think there is a several hours to a day procedure where your Rockwell slab gets watered up. Once you get the notification that’s done pop you seed in and it will germinate.

Happy Growing :herb:


Hey @Mario_Christen,

Welcome to the forum! I love the fact that our Seedo friends are here for support. Are you in Europe?
That’s the only reason I can think of for not being a Grobo grower… :wink:

Good luck with your grow and keep us posted on your progress, our champions will help as much as possible!



I can’t fathom the reasoning for this. Their support guy posted this today. I’m happy to see people getting their units but with such a variance of TDS in tap water at a horticulture level I’m puzzled. The question has been asked about 10 times and not been answered yet why tap water only? I don’t expect @Stephen to answer but love to hear who can tell me yeah it’s a good practice. :thinking:


They responded and here is the reasoning. :man_shrugging:

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