Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]



Wtf? That makes no sense especially since tap water has a higher ph than cannabis needs.

They ship a bottle of pH down with the unit. If a notification comes up for it you’re instructed to add some down. I’m sure this can vary from location to location. Kind of throws full automation out the window. Go away for a week and the unit is prompting you do pH down and you’re on a beach in Mexico…,what do?

At this point let’s see how things go and let growers get growing. A huge milestone for any startup to launch, they were on the cusp of mass cancelations but managed to cross that line and ship. Kudos to them. I’ve seen some decent pictures of some buds nothing that shows big ass fat buds. I’m not gonna lie I had my eye on this unit too it’s has enough differences to set it apart from the Grobo. Could you imagine if there was only one model of car to buy? :joy:

Seedo has A/C built in, I live in a cold climate don’t need it but warmer places this is great but here’s my concern is the quality of the A/C unit. A few units shipped noisy, was that a result of being shipped from China to the destination then to the consumer or is the equipment sub-par? That will be answered in the coming months. :+1:


They are supposed to be even more automated than grobo so u shouldn’t have to add ph to anything it should it itself

Sad thing is you can automate a tent for a fraction of the costs


Never ph again :joy::fire:


I have a seedo


How do you like it and how many grows have you done in it so far? Have they all been successful?

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Well I just got it on Thursday. I havent opened it yet cause I wanted to do a unboxing. And it’s going to live at my son’s place. So the end of the week. Waiting for my seeds(Dutch seed shop). So I’m hoping…


I just see your post sorry for the late response but anyway you just have to water the slab and you take your 6 to 7 hours but it didn’t ask you to water the to the both side from the slab and actually you just need to use two bottles of the nutrients and just put the seeds in and cover it with the plastic cups and just leave it grow follow the notification from the app he will guide you to do everything did you receive a guide book with Seedo or through the email


I received a manual thru email that I downloaded to my phone, im waiting on customer support to get back to me because im having issues connecting the seedo to my wifi network which is very frustrating.:man_facepalming:t5:

you have to hold on the button on the front for a 15 second exactly 15 seconds then the bottom will change the color to a blue at that time you just have to follow the instruction on the app to enter the password of the machine name of the machine the password of your home Wi-Fi network and then he will turn backroads the app and you just have to wait till he gets connected


You asked a couple times about Cloudponics. That’s the path I started down before I found Grobo.

I ordered it on 12/24/18.
On their FAQ it said estimated ship by time. I believe it was 12 weeks. I waited out the 12 weeks, and heard nothing. At which time, I followed up. See screenshot for the response I got.

I waited the 10 business days for my credit to appear on my credit card. The credit never came. I wrote support again. This was their response:

Finally I ended up having to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my refund. Thank goodness for that benefit on the credit cards!!


That hella sux. Sorry you had to go through that.


Luckily i did not order was almost

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Does anyone own a seedo machine


Happy grow nice to hear good things


At what point did you take your cup off? Customer Service says the app tells you but others with the machine said that the app didn’t tell them to do it and my White Widow has sprouted real well, here are the photos and you tell me if I should keep or take the cup off at this point btw this is 2 weeks and 1 day old


I’d say your plant looks like it wants to bust out of that cup. Don’t think you need it anymore.