Day 86

Hi hi,

I just receive a automatic message from grobo about harvesting time… according message I can still wait up to 14-days.
But I think my plant isn’t ready yet.

Please see picture and maybe advise me?


Grobo notifications are tied to the time you start the recipe and don’t account for any changes or extensions… Mine says that my plant should be close to harvest too, but I still have another 5-6 weeks left.

Did your recipe enter Flush stage? What stage is it in now?

You don’t have any buds started yet, so at the very least you’re looking at another 8-10 weeks before you can harvest.


Okay, well I checked your previous post… You were on Day 40 and Transition 2/14.

Once you hit Transition stage, your plant will be under a 12 hour on, 12 hour off cycle.

I noticed that both times you took pictures, you have taken pictures when the plant was “lights out” aka no LED on…

How often do you do this? Honestly, once the plant enters 12/12 schedule you should theoretically never give it light when it’s sleeping. This can lead to two possible outcomes typically:

  1. Your plant will get confused and it will never flower
  2. Your plant will start flowering, then get light and stress out, and potentially become a hermaphrodite plant.

I think the fact it’s been 46 days and you haven’t seen flowering start yet might be attributed to light leakage… Typically you should have probably been seeing some flowers starting by now.

This is also a good time to check if your plant is actually a male or female too, as it most likely has shown signs of gender by now I would imagine, whether actual flowers or simply pre-flowers.

Also, definitely let us know what stage your recipe is in now. I think you should potentially still be in Flower, not Flush, but it’s important to note because Flush stage there are no nutrients being dispensed.


Hi, thnx for the update.
I am still in flower stage with (according to schedule) 13days to go.

I did open te Box several times yes when light was out, I didn’t know how much this could affect the plant… I will not do this anymore with the next grow…

I did bought the seed trough a well known seedbank, so I suppose that it should the correct gender… I will check it again according the info you supplied.

Maybe what also happend is that it’s to cold in the room where the box is situated… it’s inside the house in a separate room, but we opened the window because it is quite smelly troughs the house… outside temp is about 3degrees at the moment, so I am afraid this have could affect the plant as well…

Anyway, do you think I should continue the grow? Or do you think it would be for nothing now?

Thnx and regards,


Good idea :slight_smile: I would say to stop doing it with this grow, too! Not just the next one… otherwise you’ll potentially have a perpetual vegetative plant that probably won’t flower. Not sure if that’s what you meant or if you meant literally just the next time around.

That’s good you got the seeds from a good seed bank… It is a "Feminized’ version right?

Also, if you are saying the Grobo plant is smelly, and that’s why you opened the window…well I hate to say it but if you think the plant is smelly now, without any flowers, it is going to be 10x more smelly once it starts flowering and ripens up… if that’s an issue you should think about finding a solution other than the window.

There are a couple of smell reduction mods here on the forums:

Also… potentially using ONA gel will work too…

If it was me, I would try to continue the grow, because 86 days is a long time to wait to start over but… it’s your call. My first plant was around 60 days and I killed it because it was too big for the box…now I’m started over and I am 77 days into my new grow… patience is tough though…

I think if you give her some uninterrupted nights without light leaks she will start flowering. Like I said, you still look like 8-10 weeks from finish now ( 56 - 70 days)


Not…even…close. Keep going lol. Looks good, though.



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  • (Did You Extend Any Stages):? :question: (If You Did Not Then You Will Want To, -Because- Your Unit Will Be In [Flush] By Now): (This Would Mean That Your Plant Will Not Have Any Nutrients When You Did Your [Drain/Fill]): {:warning:}:


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