Day 7 early veg- progress!

Wow I’ve made it halfway through early veg and I haven’t killed my :seedling:! :hugs::clap:

Here’s how she looks

Checked on my roots and they have hairs!! Some do, so exciting!! And then I appear to have a big root cluster. So what’s this about?

Does it look like my original tap root that got injured died off and new roots split off above it?


Looking great… Nice white roots. Keep up the good work. Nothing to be worry about

Just remember roots don’t like light so watch how much / often you check them


Day 20 now, or day 11 of 14 EV. I was just two weeks along!! lol, I either topped or fimmed my plant tonight. It looks like I got a clean top off, but plant looks fimmed. Opinions?

I probably should’ve topped a node lower, or let her new top grow another day. Oh well, I guess we’ll see what happens! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I also took off her first single set of leaves.


I think she’ll be okay.

She’s getting big on ya :slight_smile: Good job!

To me it looks like the 5th node, I think you’re okay.


Looks fine to me…

Also looks like you topped not fimmed to me… A close up picture of the top would confirm 100% but eitherway your fine no worries


Thanks guys! A better pic of the top of the plant this morning. The actual top is a wilted mess now but I still have it. :blush:

When should I start some lst?


Let the plant recover from topping at least 1 week then post a picture to see where it’s at…


Too early for LST, nothing to really train yet… your plant is still just a bebe!


Looks topped @Angiebaby. Great job. Love how healthy she is. :facepunch::seedling::ok_hand:


Thank you!! Seeing some spots, hoping it’s just some nute burn. :confused:

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If you want take a picture of the spots and post it here.

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Here are front and back of the worst one. I went ahead and took off my two 3- leafers today because they were the worst. Now my 5 leafers are but hasn’t affected new growth. I have neem oil otw too in case it’s an invader of some kind. Thanks!


Is your bottle 5 dispensary on water changes? Do you mark your bottles?

I ask because plant looks like Cal/Mag deficient.

I would summit a support ticket to Grobo have them check records of your plant

Does it look like this??


Could also be ph to low not letting plant absorb Calcium

Grobo has those records on the back end.

Unless you have your own meter to double check the ph :wink:

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I do not. It’s been slurping like it’s supposed to, The S is where this grow started. Bottles 1 and 2 haven’t dispensed much at all since using nursery distilled water, and bottle 5 gets used the most. I’ll send in a ticket about it though.

Also I notice that I don’t think it’s on any of the new growth just the lower, biggerleares moving upward.


It’s a good sign that you don’t see it on the new growth maybe it was a problem before and not now but either way I would still submit that ticket to Grobo to review the data on the backend it doesn’t hurt to doublecheck


Alrighty so do I have a tale to tell!

First off, support got back to me on my leaves, seems to be no issues at all, perhaps something in genetics and as long as it doesn’t spread up the canopy or onto new growth, not worrying about it for now.

But then, Friday night my Grobo had wifi issues. We finally got connected, but no lights or bubbles, only the bottom fan running. It felt like we troubleshooted everything over and over with no luck. Rebooted over and over, reconnected wifi over and over, tried unplugging from unit instead of wall, no, drain/fill over and over. After each fill it would stop but and I’d get light back, but just the light from the fill mode, it wouldn’t click into the you’re actually finished mode. So some light going now. Finally made a hack because I do have a spare airstone even though I have no spare pump… well I discovered I do actually! Being a cosmetologist has it’s perks. I used the air pump from my airbrush makeup gun and connected that- total hack!, :wink:
And THEN, we switched the light schedule and all was right with the Grobo and things worked as they should. All channels have a clear picture. :blush: Who would have thought? Well as long as cousin Jim keeps his right arm in the air and his left leg propped on the ottoman, the picture’s good Ma! :laughing:

Also went into late veg at the same time so was confused that Grobo was filling up to the top again. My coco pod looks like it’s about to fall apart at the bottom any day now, lol. I thought high fill was for baby plants only and manually scooped some out since my grobo was acting fritzy as it was, so now I know my baby’s been thirsty all weekend!

AND, I can be a tad impatient and headstrong… I went ahead and started a little LST early using plant twisties and they hurt my baby’s stem. I have it taped up right now, as of yesterday, and a pipe cleaner attached to the twisty just to keep it stable and straight. It’s probably not needed, but unsure where to go next but I’ll explain what I’m thinking and then attach pics - as I’m typing on the computer and pics are on my phone and I’m too lazy to send pics to the computer and too slow to post on the phone, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I had the area right under topping pulled over to the right and then I had the stalk being stabilized straight to the left. I’ve also removed 5 leaves; the 2 single leaves, the 2 3 fingered leaves, and one 7 leafer near the top for light. I like taking top leaves. Okay so … the bottom left was getting lots of light and growth but the topping wasn’t so much. I let it go, it’s evening out, my top… I did cut some of the other leaves but it’s not a fim either, you’ll see. Anyway, since letting it go, the angle I created wants to lean toward the back so I’m thinking that one of my main tops will want to be trained toward the back wall or back right corner.

I learned my lesson and I’m ready to listen. I’ll go get some pics for you guys…

My hack

My new humidifier

The damage done under the topping from the plant twisty- not too bad here, I think it’ll mend fine.

Damage from the twisty on the bottom stem, now taped up

You can look closely on this picture and see that the stem that was leaning to the right (if you open other pics, idk what order they’re in, you’ll see the stronger lean) is now leaning to the back right a bit

The result of my topping, you can see that the leaves on the right bottom were cut. The center new growth of the left top looks cut as well but idk how that could be possible ???


Your Coco pod should be flush with the lid besides that new growth looks good (I’m glad the support team double checked your Grobo)… I wouldn’t do anymore training on the plant for a bit… She is still little.

Overall I think your on track and no concerns at this time

Besides of course make sure your connected to Wifi / AirStone and lights are working


The coco pod is up a little as a result of a couple of very real struggles to get it up due to it being too wet, I really don’t want to push that thing back down at all. The bottom is soaking wet and starting to fall apart.


Understand… It was just a observation I seen in your pictures and I was letting you know what Grobo recommends but sometimes you have to do what your gut tells you is right

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