Day 7 early veg- progress!

I know, I understand it’s the norm. I apologize if I came across snippy about it @Mpower11. I’m sure you know how frustrating those pods can be to move sometimes. :blush: :joy: :rofl:

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No reason to apologize :+1:


Last set of pics were out of order and I thought she was starting to get a little bushy and dark in a couple of those.

I took one more leaf yesterday for light, don’t think it’s helped much yet.

Day 7 of late veg, day 30 in total, here’s what she looks like.


She is looking good… I wouldn’t pull off anymore Fan Leafs at this time. Remember every time you remove Fan Leafs / Train the plant you shock the plant in turn slows down the growth. When the time comes you want to remove the bottom damaged fan leafs first… Maybe someone else has a different thought but if it was my plant that is what I would do


Thanks @Mpower11.