Banana Kush, first grow

Sent a ticket yesterday, and they solved it the same day, again, amazing support work on the grobo team, you guys are the best.



Late veg started yesterday, just shy of 25 days now, just waiting for the grow tip to get a bit larger before I top her

Same strain, same stage :


Topped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re getting good at this @Arn


Thanks, I’m loving that I don’t have to do much, And I’m glad that I won’t have to delay transition as much as the last one.

She’s clearly been really effective at recovering from me cuttting her head down :joy:


This is a great video @Arn really love seeing the time lapses. She is looking great for sure.
@GroboJulia this is a pretty sweet time lapse!

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Verrry kewl.

Did you see my month-long flowering time lapse from my tent grow @Arn

I couldn’t find it, but it’ll be cool to campare with what I’ll end up with, as I plan to time-lapse the entire grow!

I initially wanted to trim fan leaves to open up the light, but considering that everything is extremely healthy, i decided to try out some leaf tucking techniques.
Stems from the first node where already trying to poke through the top fan leaves, so I helped her a bit, was it a good idea? Trying to minimise stress as much as I can on this one!


What have I done :joy:


30 days old, 1GB of photos, filling up nicely !


Slight change of plan, I’m away for 10 days. I got a friend for the d/f and top ups but no one to trim anything.
I went ahead a cleaned all the bottom fan leaves as well as training branches to spread the canopy. Every top site is now expose so I should be set for a while, hopefully I’ll be back on time to clean her up before transition.

I got 12 branches at the moment, would you guys recommend pruning the least vigorous ones when I return or before I leave?
I’d like to get around 7 or 8 before transitioning, maybe 2 now and another 2 in 10 days ?

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2days later; I’m so glad I got a webcam setup to keep an eye on her while I’m away, but she def bounced back a lot quicker than I thought, hopefully not enough to stretch to much before the second fan.


Back home, she was definitely overdue for a haircut!

Before :

After :

What do you think? I definitely want to send her to transition next week as she’s supposed to be a stretcher, so I’m think one last major trim in a few days, then transition this weekend?

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New issue, the gobo has been unable to connect to anything in 2h, stuck in a 3 orange, then multiple blue blink. Restared the grobo, my wifi extender, my isp router, did MULTIPLE power cycle, still nothing, the plant will be sitting in the black for a while, again…

Is the Grobo’s firmware up to date?

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If I recall correctly, it was on 9.3.6,but i obviously have no way to verify that since it doesn’t connect at all.

Just did a factory reset, didn’t solve anything.
I also tried to disconnect everything form my router and connect directly to it (my grobo usually connect to the range extender since they don’t receive the 2.4ghz signal where they’re located, didn’t solve anything either.
Also, I can ping the IP adress of the grobo at all time, so I’m assuming it struggle to connect to the internet, not the wifi. it still doesn’t make any sense since my connection has been perfectly fine lately.

I must say, the whole process of investigation the issue is very tedious and annoying, without any meaningfull way to properly see what the grobo is trying to do.


Have you been doing this with support or is this your own troubleshooting? If you haven’t submitted a ticket yet, I suggest you do so ASAP!

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I did that this morning, no response from them yet

Still haven’t heard back from anyone…
She’s been sitting in the dark for 2 days straight now, just after a heavy trim, and she’s doing the exact opposite of what I wanted, stretching like crazy, almost at the top of the second fan now, while still not being in transition…

@Stephen @Todd.grobo could you see what could be done?