Banana Kush, first grow

If I recall correctly, it was on 9.3.6,but i obviously have no way to verify that since it doesn’t connect at all.

Just did a factory reset, didn’t solve anything.
I also tried to disconnect everything form my router and connect directly to it (my grobo usually connect to the range extender since they don’t receive the 2.4ghz signal where they’re located, didn’t solve anything either.
Also, I can ping the IP adress of the grobo at all time, so I’m assuming it struggle to connect to the internet, not the wifi. it still doesn’t make any sense since my connection has been perfectly fine lately.

I must say, the whole process of investigation the issue is very tedious and annoying, without any meaningfull way to properly see what the grobo is trying to do.


Have you been doing this with support or is this your own troubleshooting? If you haven’t submitted a ticket yet, I suggest you do so ASAP!

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I did that this morning, no response from them yet

Still haven’t heard back from anyone…
She’s been sitting in the dark for 2 days straight now, just after a heavy trim, and she’s doing the exact opposite of what I wanted, stretching like crazy, almost at the top of the second fan now, while still not being in transition…

@Stephen @Todd.grobo could you see what could be done?

Hey @Arn,

Check your email, support has responded. We’d like to jump on a call to assist if you can schedule one. Link is in the email. :wink:



Check your spam folder. I’ve had some Grobo support emails end up there before.


Thanks for that, got a slot booked for tomorow evening.


The issue seems to have been resolved, not really sure how and why, but at least it’s working now, let’s hope it was just a 1 time hedge case bug.

So, with some careful bending yesterday, I got all the 8 topsites exposed, and the ones that where a bit higher to the side !
The canopy isn’t exactly perfect, but I don’t think i can do better than that, so sending her to transition this afternoon just before the drain and fill and night-time!

Updated timelapse : timelapseTransition

Bonus shot with the first grow on the same day (47, and 22 into late veg), she was definitely stunted!


Day 7 into transition, and pistils started appearing yesterday!
The canopy was easier than I thought to maintain as all topsites where evenly exposed to the light!
Still slightly concerned that she’ll outgrow the unit as she’s already apst the second fan,
I’ll probably go with 7 or 6 next time as it would have been easier to manage, definitely still learning this strain, I can’t wait for the next one!

No major defoliation was done, just waiting another week or so to clean her up.
All the stems got nice and thick


5000pics, 2Gb, 60 days old, and flower starts tomorrow, impressed with how little I had to adjust the schedule (only added 7 days)! I’m so glad she’s been such an easy one to grow compared to the last one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Way past the second fan now, so I’m definitely going to use the entire height of the unit :sweat_smile:


Day 3 of flower, buds are forming and defoliation is underway. Waiting another 3 days before the last big one.
The stretch is definitely slowing down, but the height gain was impressive, had to do a top up every other day, drinking like crazy :open_mouth:

First plant on the same day (63) :


Did the last major defoliation today instead, couldn’t wait to let her ride into flower!


Day 69, 10/56 of flower


update on day 15/56 : I couldn’t be happier, a 1/4 through already!


Theyre so cool looking!


I’m a fan too! had to stop the first one on day 19 of flower, but I’m glad this one is stacking up so much quicker!

everything she does now is new to me, and I’m starting to see the lime green she is supposed to develop into.
I’m also glad I went for this one as my first grow, with genetics from a nyc diesel and silver haze, one of my 2 favourite thing to vape, the smell appear to be on par with what I was looking for :fire: :fire:


flower, day 20


Looks great Arn. I’m just behind you day 15 of flower.


day 25 of flower
impressive grow, I managed to get 5 decent colas, the ones close to the door being a bit small at the moment, but I’m optimistic wrt the final yield!
I will definitely keep 5-6 main branches next time, 8 was a bit cramped…


Love to see people agree :slight_smile: Experience / Hindsight! Good job @Arn