Any Interest in a Grobo Solid FS @Colorado

Grobo Solid bought during the 4/20 sale of 2019 Reg- $1999 on sale for $1699, AND used for only one full cycle successfully. The second crop turned out to be a male and was pulled as soon as it was obvious. Would come with an extra set of nutes for those that are currently low. No issues with the machine other than a drain/fill switch that was fixed by Grobo before the first successful crop. We live in a box in Denver and working from home has meant contending with more noise in our living room/kitchen. Shipping is not preferred as that would most likely run the recipient $500? then there’d be an expectation of cutting the price down more than what is already anticipated. As I’ve seen good bit of squabbling so far on price/negotiations.

This is a feeler post, feel free to negate the shipping opinion, or what you’d think a fair price would be. Great machine for what it does in the space it does it in! Located in Denver, CO–

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Is to the top a thing? So ebay then? Everyone just continues to buy these brand new for 2k? No price offers? Bueller?

I think the problem is the shipping. Even if you dropped the price to $1000 with shipping added, you can get a renewed Grobo with warranty for around the same thing. I have a UPS account and for fun looked this up and $440.74 it says unless I want to get a freight quote.

Good to know @TheDogMan! I figured as much on the pricing, and being that they are still grossly overpriced new and worth so much less used, it’s like buying a Saturn or Oldsmobile BEFORE covid :slight_smile: I’m still open to negotiation even if that means the price is under $1000. The shipping part I would look to eliminate as neither party I’m sure wishes to spend that much, or split with them. And so it continues :love_you_gesture:


There must be a way or companies get discounts I might not as I cant see Grobo paying this much to ship every unit. I am also east coast too so maybe close to you would be less.

Unless that is why they cost so much, says free shipping, but I think the $$$ is added in the cost. Might explain the high cost some as a lot is shipping. Only GUESSING.

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  • (Shipping Fees, Transfer Fees, Diagnostic Fees, [Taxes Us When We Are Born :baby:] [Taxes Us When We Are Gone :dizzy_face:] [$$$ Never Ending $$$ image]):



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