New Grobo Not Showing Up

Could someone please give me a little bit of help here. I have to grow bows and love them. I bought a used Grabo today and tried to connect it. Everything went well except, when it goes to connect to my Wi-Fi, everything seems to work well and it says completed. But when I go to my home screen it only shows the original two.

Any ideas how to get my new/used grobo to show up?

Ive done a factory reset to no avail.

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I believe you need to purchase this as I did with my used grobos. But can’t remember if this was the price.


I have a brand new ph probe i put in it. Thats just. Ph probe and test kit.

I can’t find it on the website but there is a cost to transfer ownership through Grobo. I would submit a ticket and explain the situation and they should be able to help.


Theyre locked to each user
Contact customer support to get ownership changed to you so you can access that.


Yep, I thought I remembered reading that you had to contact Grobo to activate a used one. @Todd.grobo



Thanks all!

Got my diagnostics done by Grobo. As you guys said, I had to call them to get it transferred over.

BTW, Grobo customer support is fantastic.