7th grow - King Tut - HARVESTED

This will be my 7th grow in the grobo. I went with a photoperiod strain instead of an autoflower for this one as well. This one is a cross between AK-47 and Ruderalis.

DAY 7: Germination (Day 7 /10)



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DAY 21: Early Vegetation (Day 11 /14)


DAY 31: Late Vegetation (Day 7 /14)

It’s been a slow start and not much action in general for this one.

The growth up top seems slowed or stunted and some leaves started coming out a bit “rippled” in one or two places like this:

That prompted me to check underneath where I found some brown on the roots:

I haven’t used any great white + root rescue (my equivalent to the “recharge” product) yet so that brown stuff isn’t that. The cal/mag and nutrients dilute into the water quite a bit so I’d be surprised if that much has already managed to accumulate and stain the roots (and just that portion of them) so quickly. I did skip a drain/fill, though, and during that week there was one day that the temps did get a little warm (up to 74.5°F or so) before I had a chance to compensate but I figured that the hydroguard should have taken care of that (unless it had expired, perhaps?). My other plant currently growing had a bit of this brown stuff as well but it doesn’t seem to be slowed down like this one is.

That was also the last of my hydroguard, so I started to use dr marijane (mixed from powder) instead. A couple days after that drain/fill this is what the roots looked like:

There is still a lot of root growth happening though so I’m thinking that it might not be something to worry about or that I’m narrowly avoiding it and should probably rinse them off for good measure. I’m also starting to wonder if perhaps the dr marijane itself (which I just switched to instead of hydroguard) is contributing to the brown color now. The root growth seems to have accelerated since I switched to it.

So, I left it until the next water change and then doubled up on the dr marijane and here it is a day after that drain/fill:

I’m going to mix up some recharge formula and introduce that during the next drain/fill as well as to the cocopod. I wanted to see how things went without it this time and to try introducing it in smaller quantities to determine how little will do the trick.


What cal-mag and nutrients are you using?

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The nutes weren’t even used up until the point of that first root pic. Just started using them (usual AN 3 part set) but at less than 1/4 strength and they are clear at that level when mixed with 10L of water (very slight pink color if any). Also switched cal/mag (to AN as well, ran out of #5 bottles) but that was also after the 1st pic was taken.

I think it’s from the temp going up and the hydroguard being a bit old. It does say to use it within 6 months of opening, and this was month 10 for that bottle. This weekend when I drain/fill will give it a quick rinse with distilled water. So far haven’t disturbed the roots any more than those pics.

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I’m using my hydroguard that’s probably 10 months old too hopefully it’s okay…lol. It’s been in my cold cellar so :crossed_fingers:lol

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DAY 38: Late Vegetation (Day 14 /14)

Going to extend late veg for another week or few on this one.

Have mostly just been leaving her to grow without much intervention.

About time for a trim soon, eh?.. :scissors:

An update on the roots, too:

The only thing I did was up the concentration of Dr Marijane a bit, no cleaning/etc. Haven’t seen roots this white in a while!


Lookin real good @vegetato. Super healthy :+1: she’s got some girth to her at the base lol


DAY 46: Transition (Day 1 /14)

This one also spent another week in late veg and is now in transition. Not as worried about this one stretching but will try to give her a trim this week. :scissors:


Hey @vegetato What goes on during the “transition” period?


@Aang - the lights change from 20/4 to 12/12 and it reduces the blue parts of spectrum and starts introducing more red among any other lighting changes we’re not privy to exact details of. It seems to be that it partially changes the levels to somewhere between “vegetation mode” and “flower mode” - hence “transition”.


That’s great to know! Thanks!


It’s almost mimicking season change, from summer to fall, tells your plant flower time :grin:



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DAY 51: Transition (Day 6 /14)

She’s also been trimmed and is coming along nicely.

The first pistils are starting to appear. There’s a few spots that have some now but they’re still hard to spot:


She’s perfect :heart_eyes:


DAY 59: Transition (Day 14 /14)

Gave her a bit of a trim today:


Quite the stretch! Do you plan on doing more defoliating?

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Absolutely! The majority of those larger leaves will be gone by harvest. As the sugar leaves come in and are big enough to take over I will get rid of them, for better circulation and light penetration and so they don’t use up any nutrients while continuing to get bigger and bigger.

I usually “count down by fingers” when taking leaves, so always preferring to take the leaves with the most tips with a secondary criteria being the ones that are stretching the furthest. By doing that there usually aren’t many massive leaves left by the time the buds start forming.

The other thing to mention which sort of goes against that, is that I do try to leave some of the larger fan leaves in tact for support (photosynthesis). What this means is I try to take the ones that are in the way of others and when doing so try to maintain a mental image of where that leaf was and how many leaves under it now get light (mental math being difference in surface area, if any). If a leaf under it isn’t going to pick up the slack, I don’t take the big one and instead tuck it under. So if a big leaf was covering 2 small leaves, and I took the big one but the small ones only make up for 60% of the larger ones’ surface area, I’ll be conscious of that (having just reduced photosynth by 40% on that cut) . This is largely anecdotal and personal procedure, I’m not even certain if that can be measured that way – but that is how I try to calculate how much shock I’m inflicting. Hope this part makes sense. :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to add 1 thing to that last part. When I come back for another defoliation round I will also try to be concious of which big ones got tucked previously, as I don’t want to cut them until the ones they were tucked underneath are big enough (i.e. “big enough” meaning the big leaf would’ve been snipped instead of tucked if the ones underneath had been that large to begin with).